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Some problems with TS (using windows 10)


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I'm not sure if this is a windows 10 problem or not, but whenever I'm playing a game on TS and try and explore my terrain, by using the mouse to go in any direction of my base.. (scroll speed?) it moves at light speed. Changing it in the settings doesn't help at all, it still goes fast as hell moving from one side of the screen to the other. I was wondering if there was a fix for this.. hopefully I am not the only one.


Also what is the command to chat with people globally or people individually? I think I tried f2 or whichever command it was to enable chat but it said "to 'user'", so it only went to one user instead of everyone in the game.


I realize the game is outdated and probably out of support but if anyone knows any solutions that would be great.




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