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Map uploading issue


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I don't know if this issue is solved in the test version (doubt it, since not everyone has this issue), but I can't upload maps for other to download. When I upload a new map and someone join, this happens:




This even happens when someone try DL it from same IP, so I am curious if this is easy to resolve in a way or not.


Also, I have a lot of updating errors lately. When I check the CnCnet when this happens the whole site is down as well, so I assume CnCNet is just unstable lately. Any explanations why this is? Sometimes it takes me hours to finally get past the updating, to than get a kaboom and have to re-do the process.

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Bump. Still need help.


Try port forwarding and firewalling .dat file and cncnetclient too. Also you can try disabling your antivirus AND it would be great if you post some information (internet speed, antivirus wich you hav now and in the past)i dont know if its need but maybe it a temporary problem or maybe something is blocking the porgram.



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Hello again.I uploaded a map and its working. It was an .yrm file i put it in the custom folder and i didn't get any error on upload. Unfortunately i get error in-game. The good part is that is working maybe i got error in-game cuz its an .yrm file or maybe cuz it doesn't hav an image. Try save as an .map file and make sure you hav the image the png file along with it. I use Final Alert v.1 .02(unofficial update wich i heard it makes the editor detect mod files ecachemdxx.mix files)

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