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Prize $ Tourny


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Hello all!


A few others and myself are very much considering hosting a 2v2 tourny for TS sometime this winter.


We are considering pooling together 500$ that can be split into maybe 3 prizes, for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.



My main concerns before throwing down my portion and putting the effort into coordinating this are:


1.  It seems unfortunately nearly impossible (so far anyways) to get in touch with someone willing to patch TS, even when offering them payment.


2.  With the lack of mpstats, there is no simple way to keep record of laggers.


3.  I have noticed people using recon cheat (seemingly?), and if a recon happens in the middle of a 2v2, how can we really say who was winning, and is it fair that whoever was winning now has to rematch and re-do all their hard work?  Is there a way this can be detected?


4.  Auto SS... sure cncnet is supposed to be cheat free, but honestly anyone smart enough to re-code a trainer from the old TS to the new one would seemingly also be likely able to bypass whatever anti-cheat there is on TS... Auto SS would help for a lot of reasons.


5.  Namehiders/shared logs.  I really don't care if someone namehides, doesn't make much difference, but there are a PLETHORA of SHARED logs and that would NOT be fair to have some leet namehider playing as multiple logs in the same tourny...



With that said, I think the large majority of the TS community are fair players and respectful enough not to lag or recon a game because they are loosing, but knowing the history of TS, there are always bad apples that try and ruin it for everyone else.



Anyone have any suggestions, or should I just give up and move on? (I am surely not investing my portion of the 500$ in the state TS is in now, but I think with a few small tweaks this could be fixed!)

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humble...your a bro but quite annoying reading this stuff here lol


you can have at least 1 spectator for every tourny game...so just find some people.


sharing logs isnt an issue...tracks your nicks


also...i have a really great tourny idea that maybe ill shar with you a little later, makes it quite fair for everyone (all skill bases) instead of having the same 4 people fight for 1 lol

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Another one of these threads again...


Anyone have any suggestions, or should I just give up and move on?


Paragraphs of delusional rambling and only one sentence of clarity.


Coming from you, that doesn't bother me.

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