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Tiberian Sun Black screen on launch



While the launcher seems to work, and I downloaded the patch located here http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3438.0 I can't seem to get Tiberian Sun to work. It's a black screen with audio playing, it sounds like I can interact with the main menu but I can't see it.


I'm using the download from cncnet on Win 7 64 bit, with an NVidia Graphics card. I believe this is a common problem, but is there any way I can relive my childhood?

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How do you change the rendering options? I have the same problem...

Within the client settings under Display/rendering. https://cncnet.org/tiberian-sun


Sorry but where do I find the 'client settings' under 'Display/rendering'?

Is this on my pc or in the game files, or when I launch the game, in the game itself?

It's packaged in the download link above, open the client and under options you will find it. (Not in game its self.)

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