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Connection issues on the C&C RA site

David Smith


Hi guys

I am not particularly techno savvy so please reply to an idiot...

I used to have 50MB broadband through Virgin Media here in Bristol, UK.

I'd always get pings results typically of around 15,17,15,16. My connection into games always stated 'very good', perhaps occasionally just 'good'.

Recently I splashed out (big spender, me) to 100MB

Hoorah I thought, now I'll thrash everyone on the GTK map

Disaster! I now get pings typically 12,14,340,15  or for example 12,240,13,13

My connection now often states 'very bad' and I'm immediately kicked by the host.

I regularly use a broadband speed checker and always get a ping around 6, a download of at least 100 to 105MB and an upload of 6 or 7MB

So, if you've read this far...

Can anyone please tell me what to do to sort this REALLY frustrating problem out please?

I've not used this Forum before so I guess I'll log in again tomorrow and hopefully have an informative reply.

Cheers in anticipation!


PS and why the hell does everyone beat me? I've been playing this game since C&C first came out in the late 90's, Hell's bells!


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try to ping using cmd in windows, do "ping -t google.com" or replace google.com with your internet providers site

I think these website tests only show the lowest ping, but what is causing the lag are the spikes when it jumps from 12 to 340 then the game would stop for a moment

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