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  1. OK, excuse my ignorance but what exactly is re-mastering? I understand it will be an improvement. But what? Better graphics? Looking forward to seeing it of course Cheers all, Smudge
  2. Dutchy, I have no idea what you're on about, lol; ...but it sounds like it will be a great map when you've completed it. Good luck :-)
  3. Again thanks Funky and Myg. Well, Virgin media came round and swapped the new Super Hub3 for another even newer Super Hub3... however, same result as before for pings on the C&C games site I'm afraid; pings of 20 - 30 with an occasional high one too. The engineer did over a dozen speed checks using the Ookla site. Each one returned low pings of between 6 -and12, download speeds of 220MB and upload of around 12 -15MB, proving the Virgin router works fine. Again port 8064 advises it's open in the router but C&C still says it's closed. (If I try to open 8055 it says the range 8054 is already open.) I do appear to be able to join fast (lightening bolt games) as I've not been blocked. I'm unsure what games I host myself! All in all it looks like wherever I am now, I'm staying here. So, thanks for the help and advice chaps. If you have any further ideas please let me know, I'm still keen to get things back to how they used to be! Cheers, David
  4. Hi Funky, thanks for that information ( so far :-) ) On the ports question: I have just reconnected my 'old' computer as a test and it reports ports are OPEN! Now reconnected to my new PC again and ports are reported as CLOSED! What's going on with that? I have Virgin Media out on Tuesday afternoon by the way Cheers mate, David
  5. Hi all. This forum very helpfully sorted me out once before. Here I am again looking for help please. I've played C&C through the cncnet site for many years, mostly without any problems., but now I have one once more... Virgin Media recently upgraded me from 100MB broadband to 200MB for free. Thanks very much! This also meant swapping our router for the latest Superhub 3. I called them up and a helpful lady opened ports 8054 on UDP and 50000 on Both; so I assumed I would be all singing all dancing for future games. I did a port test and confirmed I could play and host fast games. Sorted. Or so I thought. My pings, when I had 100MB broadband were previously around the 10 to 15 range. I did a ping test expecting to see them halved. instead I now get numbers around 25 - 35 with one of the four pings much, much higher. I know that's not good. I called Virgin Media again. This time a chap reset the hub to factory setting then reapplied the 8054 and 50000 open port rules. Back into C&C only to find 'porttest' advises my ports are now closed and my pings are still too high. I'm not very techno but after ages mucking about I have worked out how to open the ports myself so have double checked they are open. I have also got into my Firewall and added cncnet as an allowed site. What else can I do? It's most frustrating to know that my ports were open before Virgin Media got involved for the second time. And it's even more frustrating to know I had excellent pings on half the broadband speed I have now. Virgin Media are visiting next week. Until then can anyone help please? (I have a pretty fast PC running Windows 7 by the way). Hope that's enough info. Cheers, David
  6. Good morning Funky. Yes I use the name Smudge I don't see you in the lobby at the moment. (You are usually at he top of the list prefixed with N?A I believe). I have Teamviewer ready, but bear with me if I press the wrong buttons at first, lol. Been a while since I used it. I'll hang around the lobby for a bit in case you pop up Cheers
  7. I tried changing port 8054 from TCP&UDP to just UDP but that didn't do anything, so have left the others still as TCP&UDP My router has wireless capability however the PC is hardwired to it. I don't think my PC even has a wireless card fitted. Mobile phones, tablets etc use the wireless bit. I'll download Teamviewer as I don't appear to have it in my PC anymore. Some years ago a C&C player sorted my PC problem out using Teamviewer, but I don't recall his name. I'm home all day, everyday being a house-husband/decorator, able to connect whenever suits you Funky. Just let me know when! Cheers in anticipation Smudge
  8. Good morning Unfortunately I'm still failing to connect to most games Funky. I have reinstalled C&C into a different folder (it all appears different now!) I have opened port 1161 and all the other ports are still open by the way. C&C Settings confirm port 1161 is listed. I don't know if this is relevant? ... 1161 is open as UDP, however the other (original) ports are opened as "TCP&UDP", would it make any difference if I changed them to read only "UDP" perhaps? I don't understand how to change Firewalls, but when I called Virgin Media a helpful lady (who talked me through to open all the ports) also checked my Firewall allows C&C So, still not resolved I'm afraid! Can I trouble you further for support please. Willing to do anything to get my daily C&C fix, lol Cheers, Smudge PS as previously mentioned Funky, I'd be happy to allow you remote access (if you talk me through how to make it happen) to let you change whatever needs changing in my PC
  9. Cheers Funky. I shall delete and reinstall C&C now. Hopefully I don't have to go onto that next stage... I'm bound to cock it up (don't suppose you're able to log into my PC and do it remotely are you?) Here we go... Thanks again for your help (so far!!!!) Smudge
  10. Hi Funky, thanks for getting back to me I don't have a new router, have had the same Virgin Media 'Superhub' for years. Have been with my internet provider, Virgin Media for many years and have played C&C for many years without any major problems natx: 1 0 22 8054 gatz: Settings port: 8054 I've tried reading the topic 5635.0 but to be honest it's all too technical for me! Fingers crossed you can tell me exactly what to do Funky! Thanks again Smudge
  11. Hi all again. I'm still hoping someone, anyone, will be able to help me with my problem please. I'm finding 90% of games I join result in "failed to connect". I never had a problem until recently, although I don't think I've changed anything on my PC Please can someone help! Cheers, Smudge
  12. Hi, after some help please guys. Suddenly I'm unable to play faster Command & Conguer games. Typing "/PortTest" says my ports are closed. NOT, repeat, not being techno I have called Virgin Media who talked me through opening port 8054 as per CnCNets advice. Virgin also said to open ports 3840, 4005, 4808, 4810, 4995 and 70000-7002 from a list they had. They also checked my Firewall allowed the game. Having done all that I still get the message that my ports are closed. So, could anyone please, please sort me out? Cheers, in anticipation... Smudge
  13. Hi guys I am not particularly techno savvy so please reply to an idiot... I used to have 50MB broadband through Virgin Media here in Bristol, UK. I'd always get pings results typically of around 15,17,15,16. My connection into games always stated 'very good', perhaps occasionally just 'good'. Recently I splashed out (big spender, me) to 100MB Hoorah I thought, now I'll thrash everyone on the GTK map Disaster! I now get pings typically 12,14,340,15 or for example 12,240,13,13 My connection now often states 'very bad' and I'm immediately kicked by the host. I regularly use a broadband speed checker and always get a ping around 6, a download of at least 100 to 105MB and an upload of 6 or 7MB So, if you've read this far... Can anyone please tell me what to do to sort this REALLY frustrating problem out please? I've not used this Forum before so I guess I'll log in again tomorrow and hopefully have an informative reply. Cheers in anticipation! David PS and why the hell does everyone beat me? I've been playing this game since C&C first came out in the late 90's, Hell's bells!
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