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C&C 1 no construction menu?





I stumbled over this site yesterday and would love to play C&C 1, but have some issues:


1. When I leave CnC-DDraw activated, the mouse moves fast and irregular to the point where it's not usable.

2. With DDraw disabled and Resolution set to 1024x768 I can play the first level (Nod), but in the 2nd misson, the construction menu is missing. Same goes for the first misson of GDI, no construction menu. Is the a bug? Can I do something about it?


I'm using Windows 10 64 bit (is there still an 32 bit version?)

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You might need to right click on C&C95.exe (cnc95.exe for CnCNet), click on properties, go to compatibility and check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Otherwise the game might "scale itself out of your monitor".


If this isn't the problem then you might have turned off the sidebar as Plokite_Wolf said.

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