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TRZ tournie ideas, how it should be


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ok we me, humble few others, were talking about a huge $ tournament for ts. maybe the last hoorah and certainly the biggest cash tournie in ts history.


to me its been all mucked up recently with recent ideas, mostly because those ideas dumb down the idea of a competition of skill, especially one that is for major $ - we were talking 500$ or so total.


first of all, this tournament is for fun, but also skill based, and there is no handouts in $ based competitions. that makes the $ put up not matter as much. people are paying out of their own pocket for good games, and a good tournament. having team captains and picking even teams defeats this purpose. anyone should be entitled to team up with whomever they want. to see who is the best atm. and then reward them for better play.



in my mind i always wanted a 1v1 tournament. and a 2v2 tournament. 1v1 being at least 10 players. and 2v2 at least 8 teams so youcan go 8-4-2-champion.


1v1 should be a best of 5, with a designated map pool. terrace, ff, gc etc. and the first to choose at random chooses 1st map, then either chooses to re with  spot changes or 1v1 on a new map from the map pool. best of 5 to me more eliminates luck and biased spots.


2v2 with 8 teams, you can choose whomever you want as your ally. i thought this tournament should be for winter, holidays giving people plenty of time to practice with their ally. anyone can beat anyone 2v2. trust me ive seen it. me and ollie, or cigar and movie, the schafs anyone can lose to a properly executed team play. an example being if 1 person goes all men as other dis rushes and doubles 1 person. anyone can win.


no handouts. no handicaps. just a skill based. fair play tournament 1v1 and 2v2. for major cash.


to eliminate cheating each game must have a designated referee, from a group designated by the community, someone who chooses not to participate.


and ss's taken 2x each game, 1v1 and 2v2.


ill elaborate more on this later, and edit this post.


eating dinner

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Id be happy to ref/stream the games, however participating in this doesnt really interest me.


For a 1v1 tourny...I can name the top 3 finishers by now...why waste the time?

Almost the same for 2v2...the player base is so small that itll basically be the same 4 or 5 players going for a prize.


Totally understand that it should be skill based, however at the same time, id want to include as many players in the community as possible (hense my last thread)


having a bunch of players being picked by several captains is a dead end...weve done it many times before...its basically the top players refusing to play with the newbs...the same friends only playing together, and after a week it dies out. Unless its maybe an "only 3v3 and 4v4 tourny"


anyhoo....gl, ill ref if im online

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