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Screen tearing, any solutions?


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The screen tearing in RA2 is very bad, but is there any solutions, or is it just impossible?




-There isn't a game option for vertical sync

-Forcing vertical sync through graphics drivers doesn't work

-RA2 can run in window mode, however, as the colour mode is limited to 16-bit then this will effectively disable the built-in tearing control in Windows (W7+).


Request, if it's possible, somehow, to launch RA2 and YR in 32-bit mode then you could use the built-in tearing control of Windows (W7+). This might be impossible, but I have no idea.

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So now I got around to trying this, but I found I already had the option on, and so it doesn't fix it. Maybe it's just not possible.


Try one of this files from attachement until you found the one wich works good for you. Put it in your game directory and run cncnet.


I use DDRAW 2 and is very good for me. ALSO DDRAW - wrapper create a .ini files with alot of settings. I recommend using it if you hav nvidia or ati.


THIS HAPPENS when you run RA2/YR in 32bit mode :D :D :O



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