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Avoiding glitch in regular unmodded RA


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I've noticed that if you build a helipad, and then capture an airfield, the options to build copters your side doesn't have appear but aren't functional.  This can get further annoying by refreshing the unit bar and saying new construction options every time you use a superweapon as simple as the spyplane or maybe even build a unit.  This glitch even happens in the rare occasion that the soviets build a helipad and then capture an airfield (although maybe if it's just a somehow allied owned airfield).


I now fix this in every map I make by setting Owner=allies,soviet for every single aircraft.  Then for prereqs I make sure everything is hpad or afld appropriately and additionally tent or barr to divide them among teams.  The only drawback is that if you build or capture an hpad while you have no barracks, you have to build one to get your copter construction options.  I'd rather have that than annoying glitches.


Here's the rules you can just paste in your own maps.








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