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Screen mode not found?!?! Error - Windowed Mode


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I'm trying to play YR windowed, but it keeps on crashing with the error message below.

Offline windowed mode works fine when starting with the -win switch. WTF?


The error occurs whether or not borderless mode is checked.



qres: Screen mode not found x=... y=... c=16



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Hey guys.


I'm trying to figure out how to actually get the game to run in Windowed mode ... I'm not receiving any errors, since I've so far not managed to even figure out how to do it.


With .exe files do I need to edit with the -win argument to do this? I'm launching the game with the cncnet client, so I'm unsure which files I need to toy with. Any help is appreciated.


Again, I have no clue what the heck I'm supposed to do.

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I've just found a solution for this problem:

Edit perefences of all selected files on the window below:


Select checkbox Run as administrator (I have polish version of windows, sorry) and click Apply

Then click Change DPI setings below and set like this:


Then ok and apply changes.

Now you can run MentalOmegaClient.exe, go to the options and set like below:


...and now works with any res you want, windowed or fullscreen on Windows 10.

I hope it'll help some of you.


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