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I've not been here in a few weeks or so. There is no intended rant on my part, so sorry for that impression from the thread I made that was closed by CnCNet management.


Once again though, there seems to have been an attack on the person, rather than the argument.


I noticed the topic I started was closed after there was significant discussion about some CnCNet issues brought forth by me and other players. I note that Funky retains the ability to ban people unilaterally. For example, my ban seems to be still in effect, and restrictions on other players, and what they say still seems to be in effect.


I also read the comments, including Acid's comments, and those in response to him. To be clear, I am not Acid, and I do not know who he is. I do not know him in any way that I can recall. Yet, he also seemed to be attacked, and accused of things just like me (like him being accused of being me). I will say once again that the player Acid, me, and others like us who have said anything against CnCNet have been sanctioned to varying degrees. Rightly or wrongly is a subjective matter. There was no democracy in it though, and once again I say that truth should not be sanctioned away from the RA community.


It also seems that some other RA players have been banned, or otherwise restricted in some way by Funky, EHY, or other CnCNet management (still yet not named despite requests for that). Please see thread started by me on this subject (closed and possibly unavailable now). I expect this thread to also be closed/muffled.


I do not play RA anymore. I've not played it seriously in years. I make no money from other people playing, and I have nothing to gain otherwise from the RA community. I'm not "lying" about RA, and how it is capable of running, and how it was played on other servers. One person who replied to the closed thread said that the burden of proof is upon me. I offer in return... Please ask me any question you like and I'll provide what proof that I can for any claim made by me, or otherwise made by another sanctioned player if it is reasonable, and I'll do what I can to provide the most accurate reply that I can, with evidence if available. My name is Adrian and you can reach me at [email protected]


Respectfully... Cheers!









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Guys this really isn't the place for it. What are you hoping to achieve here?


Please PM Tore or FunkyFr3sh to resolve any problems you have. If you have a legitimate complaint about staff (with evidence), please PM Tore.


Forum is not the place for it.

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If you stop spamming the lobby with the same repeating messages and stop being disrespectful to everyone then there might be a chance of you getting unbanned. Apparently you are still pointing fingers, which just tells you think you are allowed to do that and therefore I cannot remove your ban since you would just continue to do the same things


The other thread has been closed cause you didn't respond anymore and other people started to hijack it

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