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Uh found a weird thing on this game :/


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You can't make 10^9 tanks in like 10 to 20 minutes (needles to say they wouldn't even fit on any map or the memory, for that matter). You can hardly even click 10^5 times In 20 minutes.


You can check out some of my YouTube videos. I'm a RaNk #1 RA2 player. One of the best, if not the best soviet player that ever played. Just look for SiRaLeX/AlexGoMAD.  :)



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My friend made like 1000000000 idk tanks in like10-20min. i dont know how he is doing it but now he is too op. any help? :(

Here's an idea... ask him?


The most common tactics simply involve building tons of refineries and weapons factories, and later MCVs, so they can keep making tanks faster and faster, and constantly get more money to build with too. If you don't have at least three refineries, you're doing it wrong.

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