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Can't start the game in single player mode (Campaign)


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So i recently found out about this website which offer red alert 2 online client, So thank you to all of you devs for making it.


Now, what i also found out is that there is a deal on origin on the house which offers red alert 2 for free, i was super excited when i saw both of these (cncnet and red alert).


So i tried out the cncnet client, all worked fine and great, but the problem is i can't launch the origin single player campaign, the game crashes every time i try to run it.


How can i run it? it happened right after i installed the cncnet client, and i also have windows 10.

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No i tried using the normal client from origin, is it even possible to run the full single player campaign from cncnet client?

Hello welcome - No it's not possible. Does the game crash give any popup error, or does it just go into not responding?

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Ok something else happened, before it used to crash immediately with no indication that it even tried to run the game (like at least show me black screen) but now it runs with sound and a black screen


EDIT 1: The game worked!! i think i just had to restart the computer few times.


EDIT 2: I downloaded the resolution fix for red alert 2 but its not smooth, and alt tabbing it makes the screen black


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12 hours ago, zeratul274 said:

I have started the game from CNCRa2. The Game starts, but i cannot click on the campaing selection.

Nothing happen when you click on Allied or Soviet Campaing.

Test skirmish works with CnCnet first, get that working and the game running smoothly. (Correct renderer etc).

Then try manually running `Ra2.exe` or `YURI.exe` from your game folder 

If you need further help, please use our discord - https://cncnet.org/discord 

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