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Crash to desktop on Score Screen



Hello all,


I am trying to play Red Alert with RA95Launcher, but it seems everytime I press the Mouse Button while on the Score Screen, the game crashes to desktop.


Is there a way to fix this? I read it was a known bug that was fixed with the 1.08 patch, but I am not sure if patches are compatible with the CnCNet version.


Thanks in advance!

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I actually dl'd RA1 the other day and played a couple of campaign missions and had a similar problem,... sort of...  On the score screen, If I clicked the mouse button, the hourglass wheel thingy started  and said the program was unresponsive.  However a few seconds later, it resumed functioning normally without crashing.  Perhaps unrelated but I figured I'd say something.  BTW I used full web installation of both discs 1 & 2.

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Did it say something about an error log named ra95crash.dmp? If so, could you please upload it here?


I assume you used RA1Installer.exe to install the game? What kind of installation option did you chose?


Where can I find the error log in question? I tried searching for it right after experiencing the crash, to no avail.


And yes, I did use RA1Installer.exe. I chose the full CD install and I downloaded both iso files when the installer asked for their location.


EDIT: Out of curiosity, I reinstall the game, this time using the full web installation, and I had the same experience as MattAttack: the game briefly freezed on the Score Screen when I pressed the Mouse Button around the time the high scores get displayed but did not crash this time.

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