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I won two games but did not give me points


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LOL Learn some english first then come talk to me. Cry every time? I cry because you claim to be good to me verbally but when i join your tournament games you ban me every time? don't claim to be good if you can't back it up sir, That is all.

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying to play against Carnage is like trying to fight the school bully after school when his parents injected him with growth hormones in his sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*O There was some kids in my year at high school who I've thought probably had regular growth hormone injections!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*O

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I balls I have to sell, kaizen is newb and this you know, I play with everyone. you're on fucking you and your attitudes


You ban me 100% of the time i join your tourny games. told me it was because i wasnt top 5. now im top 5. you won't play me still. Dodging good players wont improve your skill level.

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