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  1. Tahj


    As I now stare blankly at our Skype history, I'm simply unable to find the words to express how deeply saddening it is to lose such a great individual. RIP buddy Well said @Grant
  2. Is this still a theory or is more of team contributing to the API now? Perfectly valid reason for starting something over from scratch WOL is Westwood Online. It's the server that XWIS emulates (albeit, with optimizations), that used to host legacy C&C game matchmaking.
  3. Any additional information you can provide that will help track down those games? Who you played against? When the game was played? There are several 1v1 games you played on the 29th, so I'm not sure we can say "it does not record at all"
  4. There are plenty of closed source, legitimate non-profit organizations - with many good reasons for doing so. http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/152654/reasons-not-to-open-source-not-for-profit-code Either way, I'm currently developing an open source CnCNet client. Should be ready sometime between 2016-2048
  5. Really dig the new theme. Great work Funky!!
  6. I believe the YR ladder will start the same or similar to RA1/TS (custom tourney). Only once we've worked out the kinks, will we be able to entertain adding QM (for either game).
  7. I agree "Ladder". Perhaps it's time you've retired - on your bike then.
  8. And now it's super easy with Electron <3
  9. You're right, I'll go ahead and disable it now.
  10. https://tibsun.wordpress.com/2010/11/21/tiberian-sun-filter/ How neat, an idea that got the creator banned from another server is the default behavior here
  11. Tahj

    Admin Question

    Woah, where are all these crazy quotes coming from?! The current ladder already supports YR. Just waiting on the client to start sending results. Rampa posted his status above
  12. Both games show that the other player disconnected vs hamster: http://cncnet.org/leaderboard/#/tsm/player/benny01 vs steve: http://cncnet.org/leaderboard/#/ts/player/benny
  13. Tahj

    finish ladder

    Yes. The free win situation will be resolved and part of testing the ladder (to fix/avoid kinks) is to ensure the cycle reset works.
  14. Tahj

    finish ladder

    We will have a Champions page where each leaderboard cycle's leaders will be immortalized.
  15. Tahj

    finish ladder

    The ladder will reset at 12:01AM Dec 1 EST
  16. Is it possible that your internet connection dropped? As Funky stated, the logs show that you disconnected
  17. Tahj


    If you have examples of current working trainers, feel free to send them to any of the CnCNet team. We'll work on getting them patched out. Also, I believe Funky's client checks for map hacks against official map hashes and recon should be limited (and is detected for any ladder games). Overall, this isn't WOL or XWIS. Most known cheats have been stamped out but, I'd suggest a different approach if you intend to help out or be taken seriously by most members of the team.
  18. The reason the 250 point threshold was implemented was due to the (numerous) complaint of newb bashing for easy points. Perhaps a daily win limit against a given player would be more beneficial since this seems to work on other ladders?
  19. Tahj


    Did you try Running as Administrator?
  20. What exactly still needs tweaking?
  21. We've just pushed a change that should now allow for 2 separate TS ladders. Please test this out and let us know if you encounter any issues. Only new games going forward will appear in their appropriate ladder as previous games will not be moved. Hopefully we can find and resolve any issues before the start of the new month. Mod games should show up here: http://cncnet.org/leaderboard/#/tsm'>http://cncnet.org/leaderboard/#/tsm WW (official) games should continue to show up here: http://cncnet.org/leaderboard/#/ts
  22. You've been credited for the game. A fix went in the day after your game (11/18) that should have addressed the issue where games were not showing up. Please let me know if you continue to see this behavior
  23. It hasn't been officially announced yet but, I've included as a feature to add for TS. It's slated to begin development after clans are implemented.
  24. Can you type /games in the client and give me the IDNO of the game that did not count?
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