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Mk, check this one out...


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I think pretty soon I'll have to make a universal topic for all these map questions I have. Load this map into ccmap and tell me how I did.


1. Airstrike superweapon doesn't work when I destroy all SAMs.

2. This is basic stuff until I get it off the ground. No complex teamtypes.

3. Some of the map tiles look off; this is a human error and I will correct it when I know the more important things work.


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Any reason why you didn't post this in one of your older threads, then? -_-


As for your airstrike problem, I'm just gonna say this again... I don't know the technical reason why your current trigger doesn't work (though I do suspect a possible cause), but IF YOU JUST LOOK IN THE ORIGINAL MISSIONS you see the way that makes it work correctly.


Another note... you made the "trigger owner" mistake AGAIN in the All To hunt celltrigger. "All to Hunt" just means all AI units go to Hunt. The house set in the trigger has no effect on that; it determines who can trigger the celltriggers.

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If I look in the original missions, I don't learn much. I learn better by solving problems myself. In the hunt celltriggers, there is no mistake. I know it makes all the AI go to hunt. The house is set to GoodGuy, who must activate the trigger.

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Hunt=Player Enters,All to Hunt,0,BadGuy,MCV,1

O RLY? I see a celltrigger set to Badguy, which activates from the moment their harvester leaves the base to harvest. It also has an unneeded teamtype again. I also see a bizarre Cap=Win/Des=Lose trigger which should just be "Lose".


As for the airstrike, what I mean is that the logic apparently doesn't really apply here (because if Nod sells one of the SAMs, the Badguy side technically "destroyed" it), so you're still better off looking up the way it's done in the missions, since that way WORKS.

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