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Coollink's Mod Maps


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I love these maps! He's very creative. I like the idea of all the buildings being undeployable! He just didnt make them to deploy back to the building, but that's an easy fix! I think I'll do that for him when i got time.


Some interesting mods for sure. I enjoy some awesome weapons like The Infantry shooter, it shoots dying civilians, genius! lmao! The building "Fix it tower" is great!! it fixes your buildings, now that will make for new interesting online gameplay!  Think i'll copy some to update my own maps. Or i can try to balance some modded units/structures to where its fair. Like 'fix-it tower' has to be buildlimit 1. This=greatt!! Thanks for this post hamster

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that sad realizations all my sites were on tripod and geocities while angelfire is sitll up and running


My FreeWebs is gone too. Crazy stuff. I edited the first post with an attachment just in case Angelfire takes that site down eventually.

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