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Fan Map Submission Program


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Hello C&C Generals and C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Fans! If you are a mapper, we have a special treat for you!


We are starting a new program that will last until Mid December where WE WANT YOU to take part in the Mod. If you are a Generals or Zero Hour Mapper and have a Map that you would like added to the Mod for all to enjoy or to simply see converted into the new graphics, please contact us and send it in! We would love to give your map new life in this Mod! We just require that it is in good working order and has plenty of build space and lacks any complicated scripting. We will of course, add you to the Mod Credits as a Mapper.  ;)

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I'm somewhat good map creator, for Generals ZH and C&C3. I recently reinstalled my Zero Hour, and started mapping again. I like creating single player missions, although I'm bit lazy at scripting. I haven't done many skirmish maps, but I believe I can handle that too. Most of my ever published C&C3 maps are hosted in CnC-Files, none of my Generals or ZH maps have been published (maybe because I haven't submitted any...).

Yet I'm unable to put any pictures of my ZH maps, but if you're interested, I'd like to become mapper for this mod. I find this mod very, very..... epic.



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I would be happy to see what kind of detailed layouts and designs you have for skirmish multiplayer maps. I am doing all the mission scripting and I have saved many script files that can be easily imported and modified so you would not need to worry about it. and bigcheese256 aka heavydestroyer has made a few map layouts as well. Feel free to send me samples of your ZH maps to my email.  ;)



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