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Nod: One Vision, One Purpose: Warning 1 - Production Slowdown

Stealth Erazor

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Good Morning to all Nod OVOP Watchers,


Whilst it's a good morning outside where i live i regret to inform you that im a bearer of some bad news. As you maybe aware we announced that we were going to make our first update in Mid October, The bad news is that the production of this total conversion has come to a slowdown.. Originally starting this project as a 3 man team we are now down to 1 (that being myself) this means that the October Update will either be delayed indefinately until somewhere mid November or a very minor one.


The good news is that i will not stop working on this project, I am currently working 7 days a week on this project and whilst i am currently working solo i will ensure that any work that i produce will be accurate and true to the original references and above all meeting expected standards of our fellow watchers.


Hopefully this will be a small bump in a long road to success in this developement, Any help i can recieve in the mean time will benefit the public as well as myself greatly and may i add strategic warfare studio's is still recruiting. So if you have the dedication and the spare time to commit to a full blown total conversion such as Nod: OVOP then please come forward if you are interested.


just remember to submit your applications to [email protected] i would also like to add that the general public may post questions to this address in regards to the mod and i will try to spotlight some of these questions with answers in our regular updates.


Im sorry to have to release this bad news, but rest assured despite being on my own currently i do plan to get this mod up and running, The smaller the team the longer it will take but again i assure the general public i am aiming for quality and accuracy over quantity and that i intend to deliver.


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