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Getting it running with dial up?



Hi there,


i took a look around the topics here, but it seems no one had problems running CnCNET with a dial up connection yet.


I have a dsl dial up connection and no firewalls except the windows one (there i forwarded the udp port, just to be sure).

But CnCNET wont get a connection (stays gray) and i can't see anyone/ any game in the in-game lobby.

I got no Hamachi or whatsoever and i made sure my network adapter is top in the priority options of the network settings in windows (read it somewhere here).


It seems CnCNET got something wrong with my network, since it shows no external IP, instead it says my (real) external ip is the internal one.

Gateway woud be correct (usually the same as my external ip).


Anyone got an idea what i did wrong or any solutions on this?

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Ah, at the moment, I'm afraid the kind of connection doesn't matter at all; CnCNet is offline until Irony can find some time to spend on it.


I don't know the exact circumstances, but I think that cncNetServer (the guy who originally made the tool) used one of his own PCs as server, and couldn't continue doing that for some reason.


We all really, really want it back :(

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