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Dogshigh/Thaillest/Etc. : SS


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"Allowed file types: gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png, zip, rar, mix, 7z, txt, ini, dmp, mpr, bin, log, jpeg

Restrictions: 10000 per post, maximum total size 9000000KB, maximum individual size 9000KB"


Is this accurate?


I had to reduce the quality of the last screenshot to 80% (reducing the filesize) in order to get it to upload.  The image was just under 2 MB before...


It would be amazingly awesome if the CNCNET client had something built in to speed up the process of sharing SS with other players.


I'm the type of guy that wants to show them 50 SS so they know 100% I'm legit, cause that's the way it should be...




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