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Need help running a game in nVidia Surround



I could use some help with getting my YR running on a multi-monitor setup. I'm running windows 10 at a resolution of either 3600x1920, 3720x1920, or 3840x1920 (depending on what bezel correction settings I use).


I'm using the fully updated original CD version of RA2, and (I think) the fully updated original CD version of YR. I know the game can run at multi-monior resolutions based on a screenshot from WSGF, and can be run in windowed mode, but I'm not sure exactly how to do this myself and if that can be done with my version.


Your help is much appreciated.

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You can open RA2MD.ini in your YR directory and set the resolution there.


Note that it's generally not a great idea to play at such a resolution - the maps are often smaller than those resolutions and moving your mouse cursor almost 4000 pixels to use the sidebar will be a pain.


I have edited my .ini, and I managed to figure out how to change the color depth to 16 bit, however, I can only get as far as the map loading screen using the cncnet launcher (having tried all the rendering options). The game crashes as soon as I load the map.

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