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RA2/YR engine differences

Milkey Wilkey

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I wonder what's actually differs yr from ra2 aside from new units, race etc. what can be done in one and can be in the another


for example you can have 3 campaigns in RA2, can you do this in a YR? or add unit-specific voices to the ra2?


the only things I can obviously tell is that YR has menu/FMV resolution locked at 800x600 wich is a really good thing

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Off the top of my head, the way urban combat works was changed under the hood though I don't believe it affects gameplay and the cloning vats can no longer grind infantry. There are probably a couple of others I'm forgetting. In general, most of the changes are rules.ini based so its possible to almost perfectly replicate RA2 in YR.

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Besides rules changes, pretty much everything is under the hood yea. Voice's can be added, it's just ini code and adding the wav's to audio.bag.


For the campaigns the exe would need hacks but they are simple and already available.


What's possible? Pretty much everything that was possible in RA2. Maybe it could be something could be dug up if you try really hard.

Besides the new features? Let's see...


As Blade mentioned the combat system indeed was changed, in RA2 the civilian buildings have weapons.

When a E1 or CON garrisons it the game activates the weapon. However if you place a building with set to a different owner in the map editor, or mess with the Civilian house code the buildings will attack anything in sight, even different owner buildings.

In YR this messy hack of a feature was replaced. Instead of activating a weapon, the units actually fire out of the building.

This also makes it a headachy to port the RA2 campaigns to YR, if you don't remove the old ini code the map either crashes the game or all garrisonable civil buildings are hostile to everything if you add back the garrison weapons to rules.


Some old unused TS stuff got removed.


Hospitals work differently. In RA2 they still work like in TS, you send a unit in to heal it.

In YR you capture it and units auto heal, tho this can be restored with a rules change. The probable reason for this are a bunch of bugs with the TS style hospital which i won't discuss further.


Particles might have been reworked tho they aren't used in RA2 so it's not really relevant.


The Nuke works differently, it TS to RA2 the Multi Missile spawns a dummy unit that fires its weapon, in YR that finally is gone.


Weapon burst code was changed, no one knew even about that before people started reporting OP aircraft in RA2 mode.

Why was it changed? No no one knows.


Mind Control code was changed. Weapon Damage on MC in RA2 served as prioritizing for the AI and the controllable unit count was hardcoded. Now defines mind control links.


There's probably more but that's what i remember for now



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