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  1. Regarding other pre-release things out there, i'd like to hear what you have heard of RA2, i can't really find anything on that possibility besides a single seemingly jokey post on google boards. There is one other lead, Any games you collect? [Archive] - 3D Realms Forums this guy "helious" apparently was a tester and had a CD. However, there is something that def was out there, Sole Survivor early on had public builds just downloadable from Westwood's website and FTP, a lot of very early Sole builds flooded the internet near 2000.
  2. I get that crash when the Beta iso isn't mounted.
  3. Yea, this looks even more fake, definitely can't say this could be real without seeing the game exe now. That video doesn't show anything that can't be faked. It does show a lot of inconsistencies tho. For it to be a build from when the ClockTranslucentTable(sidebar clock tint, sub cloak color) was blue the radar doesn't match. The radar had a blue outline signifying the bounds of the UI element, i guess for gadget debugging purpose, that code still exists in RA. You can see it here, You can confirm this screenshot is of that era looking at the missiles the subs fire which aren't brown but blue and by examining the last indexes of the palette. Notice also in the screenshot there's no radar art behind the radar, only black, the art didn't exist in these builds. The Help Text(simply(but factually wrongly) put, on cameo tooltips) used to remap to the house, so red for soviets blue for allies, i recently found that code in RA. Pic from a RA trailer showing the remapping
  4. Only "RA2 Beta" that is on the web is https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=26014&hilit=red+alert+2 which is one of those i was offered and sure as hell is fake. Romanian magazine previewing RA early 1996, note the logo.
  5. Actually if mixes are supposedly Jan 96 then that's the wrong logo, i know the final RA logo was done around September, so this is probably a well crafted fake That's the logo from before September And this was the logo on December 95
  6. I've been offered RA2 betas 3 times, all 3 were fake, first was the "Russian Beta" which im sure you are well aware is impossible to exist. That one was scrapped up worst possible work from the PreRA2 mod which ironically i was working on at the time this offer was made. Other two were higher quality fakes, still ripping from PreRA2 but better.
  7. 0_o Kinda odd that in the ingame screenshots it shows specifically things i have screenshots for... The version numbers don't line up with what i know either.. Can you provide more info on it?
  8. On the first stock music one, yes it is, also fun fact that pack also has a lot of sounds StarCraft uses. The Tiberian Fiend is also a stock, i looked it up after i heard it in Imagine Dragons - Radioactive music video, god knows where the link is, have it somewhere in irc logs. Iirc it was called Black Scorpion Edit: https://stockmusic.com//products/sound_effect_cd/supersampler_sound_effects BLACK SCORPION, SHORT SCREECH, there were others tho
  9. The renderer you are using is likely causing this issue, try a different renderer. You can change that setting in the client options
  10. tomsons26


    False positive. It's the OpenGL version of the client, on Windows it serves as a fallback if the DirectX client fails. On Unix and Mac its the primary one to be used as it can run more natively because those systems have OGL but don't have DX. Not sure what triggered it, i might try at some point to get the client to compile and test what was it if Rampa or Bittah doesn't get this issue. Had the same last night, sadly gone are the good old days when the Avast with the blue icon existed and wasn't a pile of trash. But eh i guess it's a industry standard now...
  11. I've been doing some asm code rewriting to C for a while now fixing issues and bad code along the way, among the things i changed today fixing this issue one of them. The intro and splash screen will now be skipped properly in the next update that comes with a updated game exe.
  12. We have patched in graphic patch as a toggle actually. Add UseGraphicsPatch=true to [Video] in ra2md.ini see if it changes anything, that is that same patch. The client should have had a option for this, if it's gone missing then it was accidentally removed at some point
  13. It's not readable like a text file, you need to know programming, machine code, reverse engineering and have info on what is in the binary. The dump tells us what it did when it crashed, based on the code we figure out the possible cause.
  14. This. Discussion over. They are in all Westwood C&Cs(including Ren http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Technician_(Renegade) ) and save for Ren's they are equally useless.
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