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  1. I get that crash when the Beta iso isn't mounted.
  2. Yea, this looks even more fake, definitely can't say this could be real without seeing the game exe now. That video doesn't show anything that can't be faked. It does show a lot of inconsistencies tho. For it to be a build from when the ClockTranslucentTable(sidebar clock tint, sub cloak color) was blue the radar doesn't match. The radar had a blue outline signifying the bounds of the UI element, i guess for gadget debugging purpose, that code still exists in RA. You can see it here, You can confirm this screenshot is of that era looking at the missiles the subs fire which aren't brown but blue and by examining the last indexes of the palette. Notice also in the screenshot there's no radar art behind the radar, only black, the art didn't exist in these builds. The Help Text(simply(but factually wrongly) put, on cameo tooltips) used to remap to the house, so red for soviets blue for allies, i recently found that code in RA. Pic from a RA trailer showing the remapping
  3. Only "RA2 Beta" that is on the web is https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=26014&hilit=red+alert+2 which is one of those i was offered and sure as hell is fake. Romanian magazine previewing RA early 1996, note the logo.
  4. Actually if mixes are supposedly Jan 96 then that's the wrong logo, i know the final RA logo was done around September, so this is probably a well crafted fake That's the logo from before September And this was the logo on December 95
  5. I've been offered RA2 betas 3 times, all 3 were fake, first was the "Russian Beta" which im sure you are well aware is impossible to exist. That one was scrapped up worst possible work from the PreRA2 mod which ironically i was working on at the time this offer was made. Other two were higher quality fakes, still ripping from PreRA2 but better.
  6. 0_o Kinda odd that in the ingame screenshots it shows specifically things i have screenshots for... The version numbers don't line up with what i know either.. Can you provide more info on it?
  7. On the first stock music one, yes it is, also fun fact that pack also has a lot of sounds StarCraft uses. The Tiberian Fiend is also a stock, i looked it up after i heard it in Imagine Dragons - Radioactive music video, god knows where the link is, have it somewhere in irc logs. Iirc it was called Black Scorpion Edit: https://stockmusic.com//products/sound_effect_cd/supersampler_sound_effects BLACK SCORPION, SHORT SCREECH, there were others tho
  8. The renderer you are using is likely causing this issue, try a different renderer. You can change that setting in the client options
  9. tomsons26


    False positive. It's the OpenGL version of the client, on Windows it serves as a fallback if the DirectX client fails. On Unix and Mac its the primary one to be used as it can run more natively because those systems have OGL but don't have DX. Not sure what triggered it, i might try at some point to get the client to compile and test what was it if Rampa or Bittah doesn't get this issue. Had the same last night, sadly gone are the good old days when the Avast with the blue icon existed and wasn't a pile of trash. But eh i guess it's a industry standard now...
  10. I've been doing some asm code rewriting to C for a while now fixing issues and bad code along the way, among the things i changed today fixing this issue one of them. The intro and splash screen will now be skipped properly in the next update that comes with a updated game exe.
  11. We have patched in graphic patch as a toggle actually. Add UseGraphicsPatch=true to [Video] in ra2md.ini see if it changes anything, that is that same patch. The client should have had a option for this, if it's gone missing then it was accidentally removed at some point
  12. It's not readable like a text file, you need to know programming, machine code, reverse engineering and have info on what is in the binary. The dump tells us what it did when it crashed, based on the code we figure out the possible cause.
  13. This. Discussion over. They are in all Westwood C&Cs(including Ren http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Technician_(Renegade) ) and save for Ren's they are equally useless.
  14. Funky just looked into it, its using our client which is open source so there's no issue with that, however they have also stolen our patched exe's which and the code of them are not open source so that'be illegal. A lot of the art is stolen from random places, http://p1.bpimg.com/570814/53844a119589d255s.png for example, all that artwork is stolen from Blizzards Heroes of the Storm UI, besides the YR logo which is taken from the cncnet website(no you can't find the original logo with transparency, to get that i had to mask it out that's how i know it is from the side). Apparently they also stole the XWIS website http://i1.piimg.com/570814/f7a81955f17e518as.jpg Well at least they are equally stealing from everyone YR.dll is stolen from XWIS
  15. Single processor affinity means only one core is used by the game an.. jesus fucking christ something is horribly wrong with your motherboard if that's the actual mobo temperature, that board can work normally up to 75°C which is its total safe operating maximum, RA crashing is the least of your problems. Nothing in a computer is supposed to operate at the water boiling point which is 100°C, 70 degrees at full load for any component is a lot already. A computer is not a electric kettle. As for answering the question to anyone else wanting to know, it is actually a known issue with the C&C engine to crash or hang/ temporarily freeze/ if more than one core is used, its not all that common tho.
  16. tomsons26

    Battle log issue.

    Yes it has been and still is broken
  17. Hmm... The crack you are refering to is just a cracked launcher, the game itself is game.exe. Apparently there was indeed such a thing, if anyone can post the game.exe at least if not all patched files i'd appreciate it, Patches that aren't available publically but only were on WOL definitely something worth looking into.
  18. wtf is a "Windows Power Cell"..... PowerShell? PowerShell is a replacement for the old Command line app, think Win10 defaulted to use PS instead of the old CMD. If PS windows pop up i'd call that suspicious. That has nothing to do with our code and i'd do a virus check.... As for why the game not being able to display properly after focus loss, loosing focus is broken, the game does that most of the time, this can't be easily fixed without a lot of reverse engineering and rewriting the re'd code significantly.
  19. tomsons26


    No. We don't sell or check serial keys as we can't legally do that, you just need a working installation of the YR. Just install the CnCNet YR client and play.
  20. Uncheck Fullscreen Client, its under the Client Resolution dropdown. In Fullscreen Client mode only the native res is available.
  21. Multiple players at same start point sorta goes against how the game works, well it could be possible maybe, would have to see what the game does internally exactly if such a situation is encountered, however the total of players will still be 8, the game only has 8 arrays in various structures for players in total(be it AI or Human). Additional colors need a lot of patching. The MPColorType's are a whole different set of ColorType's not related to the SP ones. MPColorType's have are 3 unused colors, Grey, Light Grey and Brown. Grey can't be used because its used by the Civilian House, Light Grey is a special case for Spectators, no clue what that Brown is for but probably special case too. On the subject on Black, there's a reason why it isn't available, that is the Radar, in bunch of situations you won't be able to see units with this color well in the minimap.
  22. Actually they are in a LA landfill, buried under about 4 years of trash now.
  23. Me and Rampastring been working on a scalable UI, that required a lot of resizing and moving things around, it did get a bit more cramped as a side effect but its not too bad. The next version will support to 1024x600 without downscaling. Here are two preview images of how it looks right now in 1024x768 and 1280x800 This probably isn't the final look, probably a lot more tweaks will be made
  24. Well all you can do is try toggling the options then, start with everything on lowest settings and set to no i guess It could vary well be more then one thing is broken, given this is ea not that surprising
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