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I can´t see games or people in the games and out of sync error "maybe" solved



Hello Command and Conquer community,


some people (like me) had problems with cncnet like to get a out of sync error at the beginning of the game, don´t see games, or when there are able to see and join a game, some player are missing.


So if you had try every advice you got from the forum or directly in the chat don´t work, i maybe found out your problem.


In my case it was all the time my router or better its firewall which had preventet me from playing CnC over CnCnet or other games like Battlefield too, where i had to disable voice over ip to join certain server.


Now lets talk about what to do to get CnCnet running correctly. First of all you have to go to your router Configuration by tipping in its ip-adress in your browser. Then when you had opened the Configuration Window, you have to search in your security settings the entry firewall and then in my case the anti hacker entry. There should be a entry like "SPI and Anti-Dos-Firewall" and this is what you have to deactivate or if u are able to configure the ISP and/or the Anti-Dos-Firewall you can try to modify it but i don´t know how becouse my router doesn´t have this option so you have to be very carefully with that.


I hope i was able to help you playing CnC1 over CnCnet and i wish you much fun playing it.

Your Melone


PS: Becouse of the short time i had since CnCnet is up again i hadn´t realy the time to test it, so i played only one game with tore (he won ;-)) but this game worked perfect.

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