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trouble shooting


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troubleshooting question... for those of you who dont know me i play under the nickname jesuschrist as of recently when i log onto ts in multiplayer game or even a cpu game it wont let me play. ive been using the default rendering which has always been what ive used. im not exactly sure what has changed but now when i use the default setting on the rendering the game freezes so ive swithed over to the ts ddraw now it dosent freeze but make the game lag so bad its almost unplayable. does anyone have any idea on how to fix this or settings that need to be changed. like i mentioned i havent downloaded anything or changed any computer settings i jus logged on one day and it was like this and now im unable to play.

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If you have Windows 8 or 10 a fix for this issue should be under way.


That is really awesome to hear mate!


I know a lot of players use win 8 / 10 and have major issues with playing TS.


I think this coming fix will really help with activity, especially with coming tournies in near future.

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