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Does CNCNET do balance changes?


I know there's mods, but CNCNET should make the game better. Could leave a 'Vanilla' box for players that want that, similar to the RA2 checkbox.


It's obvious there's balance issues if you only see the same countries used over and over.

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Cncnet cannot make balance changes to the game directly. It would tarnish the very foundation of cncnet's idea for classic gameplay. You're thinking of it backwards. If there were to be a balance change to the game, THAT would have to be the option while the classic game remains default. The issue you have then is what balance mod to use for such an option? Players would have to be in agreement to a mod to make in that option. So far, not everyone is in agreement.


Me and some buds are trying to make maps and a mod that is balanced and fun. If you'd like, you can test it with us and we can polish these maps for as close as possible to perfect balance. So far, pretty much all nations are useful and none are banned. There are some issues that remain, but they're being resolved. Anytime there's an issue, we resolve it as a group. This is how balance should be. With the combined efforts of the community.

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