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A few XCC editor questions : TD


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I have begun the endeavor of making a multiplayer map.

I wish for now to avoid HEX editing to place the ridges, roads etc. for now since I don't how to go about it.


1 .I wish to know what the difference is between Templates and Overlays.


2. There appears to be many templates missing since I remember the DOS editor used to have many more to place...

How can I possibly see them in the left bar for use ?


Thank you in advance


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Template= The landscape.  Cliffs, rivers, shores, assorted rocks, etc.

Overlay=Tiberium, sandbags/walls, crates.

Terrain=Trees in temperate and rocks you can hide behind in desert.


As far as seeing more tiles, you should be able to right click on the list of tiles to see more options.  i.e. shores, roads, etc.

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I had already used the right click option and this is where my questioning rooted from.


Let me be a little more precise; When making a map using templates, I often fall short of  templates. There seems to be missing pieces. ie : there are limited river parts and combinations are limited.. I often have to re-think my map in order to avoid the repetitive use of the templates, either by discontinuing a certain cliff or river by covering it up with trees, overlays etc.


If my questionnin leads to HEX, I am now open to discussing it.


I have downloaded Hex Workshop Hex Editor v.6.8. But since I am in unknown territory, I have taken the time to open up various files with this program to glance at what the program interprets.


In the following example ( pic ), if I wanted to replace "yes" for "no", Id have to delete 59 65 73 and replace them with 6E 6F?


If not, if some of you know how to explain or link tutorials, this would be greatly appreciated.

If I am right then I am compelled to know how to make a use of HEX and .bin files (maps?)


Thank you, fair friends








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HAHA ! Yes indeed, I could just edit the .txt file but I used this as a simple example.


I've figured the process of extracting .bin and .ini files of campaign missions in order to edit .ini values but I have no idea how to go about replacing any given modified .txt within its root .mix file.



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Oh. The basic answer there is "don't". Do not mod the game by replacing things in the original mix files again; it is completely unnecessary.


Missions are read from the bare folder and don't need a .mix file (and, yes, those versions in the game folder will override the ones inside the .mix archives), and on top of that, the game has a system of addon mix files (any .mix file starting with "sc") that is specifically meant for things like modding / mission packs.  In fact, it was created for the Covert Operations missions, which are in an addon mix file called "sc-001.mix". You might see there are in fact a couple more in the game folder already, for the Nintendo 64 and Playstation mission packs added by the 1.06c patch.

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