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Graphics freezes after a few seconds



The game will load and launch fine but after a few seconds the display freezes.  I can hear sounds of the game progressing but nothing changes on the screen.  If I minimize the game then bring it back up then I can see that units have moved but the screen is still locked showing the units where they moved to.


I've tried various screen resolutions, windowed mode, and rendering modes but the problem persists in various forms.  So far the least problematic settings are:


Resolution: 1366x768

Rendering: IE-ddraw


There's also this weird click sound, not like a mouse click, that happens when building units.


I'm having a similar problem with Tiberian Dawn.  One mission will run fine but during the next mission i cannot use the menu at all.  As soon as I hit esc key the mouse freezes and I can't see where I'm clicking.  Alt-tabbing shows the mouse where it should be but it's still frozen.

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Make sure to download the very very very latest CnCnet installer at cncnet.org.

After installing try to log one one time to CnCnet online to just get the latest updates which can sometimes help.

After you are completely up-to-date, start trying different render settings. TS-DDRAW works for a lot people, dxwnd works for a lot too, ddwrapper works for others, explore the various checkboxes in the video settings tab of ts-config.


I've never seen a system where the player couldn't eventually find 100% functional settings .. But some systems require more setting changes than others.


If you crash a lot in the game then try setting visual details to low.


Other thoughts:

TS is very CPU dependent and it doesn't seem to care if you have a super fast graphics card. Sometimes you will just have to settle with a lower screen resolution than your natural monitor resolution. Consider reducing screen resolution until so you can achieve higher frame rates. (my graphics card supports some very high resolutions, but the game plays best at 1280x800)

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