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  1. dkeeton's post in Can't Install CNCNET for Yuri's revenge was marked as the answer   
    You could try running the clientogl.exe executable from Resources folder.
  2. dkeeton's post in QM on RA2 Yuri's revenge it says I don't [which I do!!!] have a ladder account for the game was marked as the answer   
    You might have to delete there registry entry for QuickMatch at HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/CnCNet/QuickMatch
  3. dkeeton's post in A listing in DroneBL is NOT always related to spam. But in most cases because of an open proxy !!! was marked as the answer   
    Try to restart your router and maybe you can get an IP address that's not banned.
  4. dkeeton's post in Unable to add join the Ranked Games was marked as the answer   
    Can you log out of your account on the ladder webpage and then click the link from the most recent email?
  5. dkeeton's post in CNCNET5 installation was marked as the answer   
    You first have to install dune 2000 then install cncnet into your Dune 2000 folder.
  6. dkeeton's post in Ra2/Yuri's Revenge real laggy/slow was marked as the answer   
    Download this client, install it into your origin game directory. Let it update to 4.26 on the first run. Then disable win95 compatibility on ra2.exe and yuri.exe
  7. dkeeton's post in wtf is wrong with client was marked as the answer   
    Can you delete the version file that's in your game directory and let an update run?
    If the problem persists, what renderer are you using?
  8. dkeeton's post in Can't download update, stuck on Tournament map code was marked as the answer   
    Can you try now?
  9. dkeeton's post in why you dont support red alert aftermath expansion was marked as the answer   
    It is supported int he current client. There is an option in the game room lobby: "Aftermath Game".
  10. dkeeton's post in Red Alert 2 won't start/install setup.exe (Windows 10 64-bit) was marked as the answer   
    Start here: https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/installing-command-conquer-red-alert-2-yuris-revenge/
    Skip to "I have the retail CD version and DO use Windows 10."
    Follow all steps and click all the links in the steps
  11. dkeeton's post in Internet neutrality question was marked as the answer   
    CnCNet is vulnerable to net neutrality:
     CnCNet uses IRC which is a chat service that may be seen by an ISP as being competition for their approved chat services. Any disruption to IRC would disable CnCNet.  CnCNet creates UDP tunnel connections that might look like competing VOIP services or might appear to be P2P file sharing services. Without net-neutrality rules, ISPs will have a pre-chosen Voice service app and a pre-chosen file sharing application that their customers can use exclusively. Removing net neutrality rules would only work in a healthy free market, which we don't have currently in America. In fact it might not even be possible to create a healthy free market in the ISP realm because internet service delivery relies so heavily on last-mile build-out. And last mile build-out is reliant on local right-of-way and every build-out causes more local construction headaches, the result is typically communities wanting to limit construction.
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