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Tiberian Dawn - Tiberium Village (4P)


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Hello CnC Comunity,


I proudly present you my first Multiplayer CnC1 map ever: Tiberium Village


tiberiumvillage4p.jpg w1536.png


When i made the map i had the aim that it becomes a more or less good looking map, but the map also had to be balanced without to much symetric areas.


So please Critizise my map to make it a nice and balanced map. (only good Critic allowed, when somone has a bad critic for me, i will find out where he lives and bash him  8) )


Edit: I add a new version of the map, becouse i modified the civillians in the Village to stop the fast dying of them, and i renamed the zip file correctly to Tiberium Village.


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Very nice map, the bases are too close together for my liking though.


Thanks for your feedback Aro.

Yeah especially start points 1 and 2 are a bit close together, maybe i fix that in the next version.

The problem was that i first build the Village and the rivers and not till then thinking about starting points and balance  :roll:

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Hmm... that T in the middle still isn't correct... and neither is its left-hand end. You clearly see that end is cut off at the top.

I think that's because of the crops field image being right next to the road.


Anyway, the map looks nice on the whole, but I think it's noticeable that some areas have concentrations of buildings, trees, cliffs and other doodads while other areas are almost completely devoid of any detail (like the down left corner). And you could at least place some snow patches in the areas where the bases will be, for some variety.

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well you never made C&C maps, have you?

Hey, that was almost rude (I did a couple of maps, and you won't find any out-of-place cliff tiles there).


Now I noticed the wrong cliff portions too: it was just that I concentrated my attention on the top part of the map first.

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