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How to easily fix Aircraft catching edge(s) of map(s)...


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How to easily fix Aircraft catching edge(s) of map(s):



First open the map in FinalSun Map Editor, or open CnCNet and start/join a game with the map set and right-click the map preview of it to automatically do this.


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Note:  Tunnels must be manually corrected after doing AirFix, which I can show how to do later:





A River Runs Near It: AirFix + Cliff Glitches in Top Right and Bottom Middle Fixed + Tunnels manually corrected after AirFix.



Casey's Canyon: AirFix + Three Cliff Glitches across mid canyons.



Forest Fires: AirFix



Desolation Redux: AirFix + Three Cliff Glitches near mid / top mid.



Terraces:  AirFix + Color Tile under Top Left expand cliff so TL can expand without Toggle Glitching.



Throwback: AirFix



Junglewars: AirFix


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