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  1. That's not the case with the ladder, you don't have to have the same logs on the ladder that you do when you play regular games. So if you never log in to play a casual terr/ff game with whatever ladder name you're using, it won't show it in the names list.
  2. naw m8, you just missed me lol
  3. I definitely appreciate you and your thoughtful way of conducting yourself and always have "growing up" with you on ts from our noob days. You've been a pleasure to play and chat with m8, I will indeed miss you and the other great people I met and got to know over the years.
  4. wont miss your sarcasm, m8.
  5. not into games that have fps attributes, unfortunately I'll be on for the next few hours if people want to get some last games in. If not, bye!
  6. Firstly, the maps aren't supposed to be symmetrical. I'd argue that MOST of the maps on the ladder are nod-favored, having one or a few narrow entrances, map teeming with tib veins/obstacles making it impossible for gdi to use ground units early, long distance maps with ion storms. All of these favor nod, so if you don't want to play it, reject it, or convince the admins to limit the ladder to solely symmetrical maps (which would be fair, but boring). Secondly, you definitely don't have even close to a winning ratio or even matching win/loss vs me, including on your hiding logs that you made to abuse the ladder, so let's not go there. Just because you record literally every game and post every single win you've ever gotten and I don't, doesn't mean you can construct this false narrative to try and back up your point.
  7. Now we've delved into name calling/baseless insults. It's clear there's no more possibly productive discussion happening on your end. I won't engage with children.
  8. I don't care that you never liked me, never have I cared, nor does it matter. My "vote" and voice counts as I have been a part and contributed quite a bit to this community. You don't have any idea of the number or names of people I've taught, whether or not it's by working with them from the very beginning of changing resolutions/hotkeys, some reading guides I've made over the years, watching my games, even being given one or two tips. You saying something moronic like "everyone you've trained failed hard", as if someone has to be near decent to have a good experience learning and playing ts, clearly demonstrates how negative of a perspective you have. Also, my points are all valid. I still play and will be until September.
  9. It doesn't matter that I'm leaving, that doesn't make TS yours or anyone else's to mess with for everyone else. I still care about this game, which is why I've spent an immeasurable amount of time teaching so many players for YOU, mola, and the rest of the community to play with after I'm gone. Nothing you said is a sensible response to what I pointed out; if you and the people wanting to make changes want to play with your veteran upgrades, cool, make your own mod or set your ffgs and do so. Also glad to see you back mjvd :). (Sidenote: i completely forgot/miss cactuar)
  10. I was questioning if sams in general shot further, because bm was gdi, yes, it seemed as if it shot further but it wasn't a 100% matter of fact thing, but I guess that's not the case. Regardless, that's not what I'm concerned with.
  11. I've already said everything I've had to say for the most part three times over in the past. But I will address the fact that you, Humble, said that I'm stubborn or close-minded, suggested doubling nod's power, and said sam site range is upgraded, when in fact I'm neither close-minded and never said either of those. What I SUGGESTED probably 3-4 months ago, when you all were trying to yet again change the way ts has fundamentally been for the past 20 years, was if I were to mod my own version of ts with any balance updates, I would ENTERTAIN the idea of reducing nod's power plant costs by $100, so a standard pp would be $200, and an adv pp would be $400, which is a slight change, but possibly enough so to allow nod to have extra time to make other defensive structures, being that nod has no early powerful defensive structures (gdi's rpg), in order to compensate for the need to pop out additional static defense. But yet again, this was nothing but an idea for MY OWN MOD if i were to ever make one, and not force it upon everyone else. The thing that those of you feeling the need to make alterations dont understand is, none of you have the "right" to make a game that's been the same way for years suddenly different. You are not the creators, this isn't your game, and as much as you think you know what needs to be done to improve it (balance changes, veteran changes, whatever aside from obvious game glitches/errors) it is your opinion. TS isn't any more your game than any other player, whether they pick it up tomorrow or someone who's been playing much longer than you. If you want to set your own games with these maps that you created and try to influence others to do the same, fine, but make sure it doesn't affect the ladder, which should be impartial to anybody's preferences (aka unaltered, regular maps).
  12. not into games that have fps attributes, unfortunately
  13. The time has come for me to finally leave this game. It's at a point in it's life cycle where I don't care to be playing anymore, for more reasons than one. I've enjoyed playing with a lot of you and hope to play a bit with some of you before the end of the month. Best of luck to cncnet and all the quality individuals I've met in my decades of being here. -c0rpsmakr (Joe)
  14. 2 standard forest fires games ive had where i 1 reffed and took out a few main buildings allowed me to get a dis that is capable of 1 shotting a building from a distance, as I've said. The alterations to veteran status allow this, and I'm highly annoyed by a few people being able to alter the state of the game for the entirety of ts. I've expressed this before, but this is far too much.
  15. I've had multiple games in the last 2-3 days where my disruptor kills 3-4 main buildings and then gains the ability to 1 shot main buildings from a distance, that is absurd and shouldn't happen.
  16. Mods, please remove the irrelevant posts from this topic so it doesn't get derailed into a spiral of bullshit, thanks. I was in the poll with the map choices, but it didn't say that the maps included were veteran maps. When a disruptor upgraded can 1 shot a main building from a distance, no, veteran units are not fine. No unit should be able to be that powerful, or even an mk/cc 3 shotting a building.
  17. Here's a question that I have for whomever is responsible for the ladder map choices- being that there is exactly 10 map rejections allowed, and exactly 10 maps with these shitty veteran additions, you have forced players to decide between allowing skewed mods (mods like giants of war, grays 3v3 with excessive alterations to either power, income, or the tiberium field) and playing these vet maps. Now, being that I was never asked if I was okay with any of these changes, nor do I recall any topic or announcement being made to inquire about community input regarding putting veteran maps on the ladder, who decided it was okay to have so many included without the option to NOT play them?
  18. The idiocy that you two demonstrate continues to amaze me. Nothing more to say in such a clearly productive thread.
  19. The same people played the ladder on 23509235235 logs, that is the only difference. Since people cant act like clowns and hide on 40 names and relog, it appears that there is less activity. That is literally the ONLY difference. And being that probably 40-50% of the ladder consisted of two-three peoples' names (who haven't been on the past few days), naturally the participation is going to drop. There weren't a whole lot of people playing before. Let's not bullshit.
  20. Yes, blame me for the changes. i knew when and how alterations would be implemented by the admins. It is my fault that people can't abuse the ladder anymore. What logic
  21. wow. get on ts larry
  22. My complaint, which still stands, is when people who are on high ranked logs switch off once they know they're at risk of losing, in underhanded attempts to take points from others using another low ranking log. I have had 2 logs on the ladder in the entirety of the month, and I used ONE of them until I created a second one 2 days ago. I am not logging in back and forth when I'm at risk of losing, I stay consistently on one log when im playing the ladder. I can't make my point any more clear.
  23. These narratives you create, Jesus Christ. Not going down this spiral. All I'm going to say is TS is better off without you.
  24. Listen clown, I have 2 logs on the ladder, literally 2. Just because you don't know them when they're made doesn't mean I'm doing the underhanded twattery that you and another player do to impact ladder results. That's the difference.
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