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  1. Wow, Hileman lol. I can't remember the last time I saw that name.
  2. Lmao, no matter the game, he always spelled out insults/profanity on the map.
  3. I was informed of some incredibly depressing news by my friend, F0odli0n, that Fakemammy (Mike) passed away on December 2, 2020 at 31 years old. He was one of the very few people from TS that I had a connection with outside of the game and although we had a falling out, I know that he was, in reality, a very kind person underneath the volatile persona he displayed while playing. From the time Avan recruited me and Mike into his clan around 2005 or 6, we quickly became great teammates and friends. He was by far my favorite and best clan partner from 2006 until the time xwis shut down, and he remained a powerful ally for me into the start of cncnet. He was one of the top players of that era when he was on his A game, and pulled off many remarkable feats in the time I spent gaming with him. After Avan became busy in his personal life, I created my clan Karma, and together with Mike we recruited and trained so many people. He was always willing to teach anyone that had a genuine interest in improving their skills and helped a slowly dying game retain some of its player base over 10 years later. He was a very polarizing figure in the community due to his constant trolling by rapping in caps lock and early occasional trainer usage (he did stop using them after i threatened to quit clanning with him, and he used them more for trolling purposes than to actually win games). He alone is responsible for making Eatme quit TS, after Eatme's months of ladder pushing using cheatmaps and reconnection errors; Mike gave Eatme his only loss on the xwis ladder using an instant win trainer, causing him to spiral into a furious tantrum and finally leave forever. During the years I spent with Mike as my go-to teammate in clan battles, he managed to piss me off more than anybody I've ever known on this game. He would sometimes completely dominate our opponents from the start to where I didn't have to do much work at all, and other times intentionally let me get doubleteamed the entire game before finally stepping in and giving us the win. One game in particular that I will never forget, he made about 6 carryalls and picked up all of my harvesters, and flew them into enemy sams, just to make me rage. He is the reason that I grew so much as a player in the last days of xwis because he forced me to learn how to play from such a disadvantage, as his antics were always at random and for no reason whatsoever. Outside of TS, we constantly had heart to hearts about our lives and tried to help eachother out in dark times, offering insight, encouragement, and shared in one another's accomplishments. He even bought me starcraft 2 as a gift in 2009 after I had gotten out of a really shitty situation in my personal life. We laughed and fought more times than I can recall, and he was a person unlike any other I've had the privilege of meeting. He was someone that has created so many fond memories for me in the 14 years I knew him, and will forever be a highlight for me and an iconic figure in the history of Tiberian Sun & its community. You have made your mark on me and so many others and it will be remembered by us all. You are loved and missed my friend. -Joe If you have any fond memories with Mike that you can remember, feel free to share them with the rest of us.
  4. I decided it was about time I made some first person vods and uploaded them on youtube, more to come https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOl3YUYAuv5Yg6sYffauAhw Feel free to learn some things.
  5. Look you delusional nobody, you stroll on the forums after playing for a few months as if you know shit from piss calling almost everything a bug, not knowing the history of this game, its players, or any fundamentals, spewing your toxic inflammatory nothingness every. single. post. and somehow think you have anything credible or valid to say? And the sad part is you wont realize it, you are incapable of doing so. You dont read to absorb, you read to respond, you dont have the ability to grasp information and never have been able to. You are THE prime example of what i was referring to, this forum is full of empty false anecdotal who did whats and who owned who on the first tuesday of september, when you really dont know shit, at all. Also, nobody gives a single fuck about the remaining players constantly bickering, that isn't productive in the slightest and makes newer people not want to play ts. You and other people that don't add anything of value to the forum are to blame for its decline, along with the constant altering of the game. Now YOU shut up and stop blabbing your nonsensical idiocy.
  6. Funky or some mod, please close this topic and preserve any sort of dignity there may be left on this section of your forum.
  7. The original version was nonvet, which was made by Seb, so your drivel isn't relevant as you have 0 idea what Seb wants. I'd wager he wouldn't even bother speaking with you the way I don't because you love to come pollute posts with idiocy as per usual. Any actual productive posts from useful individuals are welcome.
  8. Is there a nonvet version of Seb's map "The Pit" anywhere? I can't seem to find it, but if anyone can forward it to me I'd like to use it for an upcoming idea of mine.
  9. Hi admins, this has probably been asked in the past, but I'm curious as to if it's possible to enable passwords for our logins?
  10. I'd love to have some games with you, I'll be on today on this log. Welcome back
  11. You're not following the very clearly worded post where I pointed out how you blamed someone else for not checking the settings prior to playing a game set by a random host. Jesus, you can't be that dense. Anywho, back to disregarding you now.
  12. So it's my fault that an unknown person set a game with low credits and you're mad that I actually looked at the settings before the game started while you didn't? Must be another bug, right? Lol. Mods might as well close this topic, there's 0 point in entertaining these ramblings.
  13. Out of boredom I'll reply I guess... So by not having these imaginary rules that you and other modders try to set prior to a game starting, that implies that there ARE rules.....? Is that actually what you are saying? And by nobody joining my games, do you mean YOU not being allowed? Lol. "Look at the $ count in a noob game?" So you mean by me informing new players what the standard settings are and helping them get acquainted with not having essentially unlimited funds, that's me "doing anything for a win"? Lol. As far as Ray beating me, I'm sorry, were you even allowed in any games that Ray and I have had? Do you know our record? Are you even capable of taking a building off me in a 1v1, with this attempt at riding someone else's games as if its your own. Lol. Just an entire topic of laughs, why is this here?
  14. Where's the "cringe" reaction, this is too unfortunate to even be funny.
  15. Has anybody been able to assist Zay with his comp issue?
  16. "As for winning the pc corpsmakr, you won by 6 points vs me, and i waited 1½ hour for a game and didnt get one. (unlucky on final day) Also you farmed some newb 10x in row for pts, where i actually played different players, i would never play 1 rubish player 3min games just for points. Then again thats the difference between me and you." Seriously Mola, THAT is what you're making my post to be about? I've always played whoever is on the ladder (without switching my logs in attempts to save my points on higher ranking ones). That's the difference between me and you (which this topic was in no way even about, nor was my response, but you HAD to turn this into some stupid ego trip as usual." Back on topic: Being that it seems as though there won't be a change of opinion between those who don't like the vet maps and those who do, why not have half standard/half vet/add in a mixture of non-insane mods as well? If the goal is activity on the ladder, this would appeal to everyone, especially since rejections would be able to take out many of the maps people wouldn't want to play. I suggested this months ago to one of the admins, but they shot down the idea. It may be a good time to reconsider?
  17. It's honestly painful to even go through and bother addressing the utter nonsense throughout that gigantic post. Key Points- -This ladder isn't fair, and the fact that you believe it is, and also believe that it's fine for a group of players to take their opinions on balancing should supersed those set in place by those who designed this game and their metrics that have been in place for decades, ironically demonstrates the sort of delusions of gradeur you're referring to. A majority of the maps on the ladder are now nod-favored, none of you even have the credibility as players to decide what metrics to change, much less authority to do so. I have refused to give my perspective on the balancing solely because I dont want to be a part of this initiative to change the game itself for every person who's ever played and wants to play in the future. -Repeating yourself over and over and "challenging" my posts that have 0 argument in them whatsoever and filling them with your moronic twisted babble is not doing any good for those wanting to make an impact. - Regardless of how many active people actually vote on polls on the forum, that doesn't invalidate those who don't want to see TS altered, and just because you say "it's just a handful" doesn't make it true. All in all, that doesn't matter at this point. The admins noticed a severe drop in activity after an entire pool of vet maps was set in place, that's why they, unprompted, asked for suggestions. - As far as your sentiment that nobody I've taught has become anyone decent (which, aside from being the most jackass thing you've said in this entire topic, is entirely irrelevant). You are so ignorant to who I've even taught over the years, and a majority of them are are far better than you, and are part of games for your useless ass to sit there and and make unwanted and terribly misguided commentary on from the past or present which include the following: Favortlsm, Killernav, Carnage, Zenetuskn/Statuspro, Energy52, Hitman, and Gohan, just from the top of my head. In the 14 years I've been doing it, I'm sure there are more. There are so many others that I've given passing tips to, including yourself, or that have seen videos of my games and gained something from that, or seeked me out for a lesson or two, many of whom won't admit to doing so. If I honestly cared to, I would go through every page in this forum and post a link of my topics where I've made guides on a number of game subjects, which is why people continue to ask me to help them out. What have you contributed to the growth of the player base? A self-righteous, coattail riding attitude that you've had since Middlesky played, along with a deluded and inflated sense of importance without doing anything to deserve it? What brand new players have you taken into games, taught hotkeys to, told them how to adjust resolutions, walked them through the absolute basics of map understanding, scouting/antiscouting, economy management, etc with? How many? I've done this HUNDREDS of times over since 2005 or 6. What efforts have you brought to this game that even on a microscopic level actually contribute to furthering the good of the population? Made a few youtube videos in recent times with poor perspective and judgemental commentary? Oh, you did attempt to bolster activity on the ladder by incentivizing it a couple times, which I actually gave you props on back then, so good job there. I however have been trying to make this game better for everyone for over 14 years... How delusional and simple of you to try and discredit my efforts by having your argument as "youve never taught anybody good". What a clown. - I can't count the amount of times I've said this- nobody ever argued that ts is 100% fair, not a soul. But taking a game that's been in existence and fucking with the unit specs after 20 years and forcing everybody who plays/ever will play by those standards is so wrong and not the way to help. - The reason you don't like me is that I won a computer that you put up as a ladder prize and found that I actually didn't care for it, and have been in opposition to this vet map takeover since its conception. That's at the core of it, and frankly I don't care. Your piss-poor attitude and outlook has put me and a number of people off since you've crawled back to the game and began permanently being the peanut gallery as a spectator. Feel free to get the last word in because I've said all that I have to say to you, nor do I care to follow your lead in this derailment of a prospectively good topic. My apologies DKeeton and anyone else reading to actually try and contribute.
  18. Why must you reply to literally everything I say on the forums, it's blatant what your stance is as well as mine, yet you continue to be a foul troll with 0 intention or capability of controlling your urge to insult people at any chance you get. I dont like you and you dont like me, great, now stop polluting this thread or any other thread with your stupid baseless inflammatory drivel. The argument made several times months ago was that more people preferred the vet maps, which is why the entire map pool consists of them. Now the same people making that argument are saying that the only people that play the ladder now are those who prefer the standard maps. So suddenly ALL of those who were in favor of the vet maps have stopped playing it over the course of what, 2 months? Me alone deciding not to play on a ladder where all maps whose units have been altered suddenly stopped all the activity or influenced a large number of people to stop competing? You all got your vet map-favored ladder, it hasn't panned out the way you like, and when the server admins ask for suggestions and I give my perspective (without being a fool and insulting anybody, mind you), I get all of this vitriol and bullshit spewed at me because I don't want to play on a ladder with additions I don't support? What absolute fucking stupidity you possess. It's quite obvious that many of those who don't like my position aren't capable of discussing this without derailing and devolving a possibly productive topic without idiotic, baseless, inflammatory remarks towards either myself or others with a differing point of view. I am not the one insulting everybody with an opposing opinion, nor am I the reason for the decline in activity. What have you all done to help bring new players into the fold? Are any of you spending your time teaching people, allowing them to spectate games? I haven't seen a single one of you besides myself teaching brand new players the fundamentals of the game, but yet you sit on your undeserved pseudo high horse insulting them and banning from your games without giving a chance of spectating or answering any of their questions. You, you are the reason more people don't play. Now hush and let the mods decide whether to keep or change the way things are.
  19. Ultimately @dkeeton, this is you and the other mods' call. You have a stark difference in views presented to you on this, are you wanting to let the ladder sit and gauge the activity over the next 1/2 months to see if the map pool consisting of 100% vet maps, 3 ladder logs, etc will bring activity and this was just a fluke or temporary slump, or will you consider immediate changes in whatever way to draw more people back to the ladder?
  20. If the only thing changed about those maps are the glitches, then those reworked maps would be used in place.
  21. hmmm.... who would have figured this is how it would turn out when you replace all of the actual tiberian sun maps with someone else's idea of what they want ts to be? oh wait, I did and nobody listened. 1. One Ladder Name 2. Enforce ladder bans/point resets for those who try to cheat with more than one account. 3. Official standard tiberian sun maps with omissions of maps that have proven glitches (ie Super Bridgehead Redux having a glitch that disables multiple harvs when the tib fields are low) along with a number of rejections. 4. Enforce banning/warns for users who post inflammatory remarks or insults on the forums. 5. Incentivize the ladder with occasional tournaments. 6. If possible allow a spectator-type of thing for people to be able to tune in and watch ladder games or have a cncnet twitch channel that broadcasts live ladder games (nobody should have access to this aside from trusted, objective cncnet staff). I know this won't happen from previous discussions with cncnet admins, but i can 100% ensure that ts would be exponentially more active with CLANS and a clan ladder. I have a few other thoughts if cncnet admins would like further contribution.
  22. Insy was on a few months ago but haven't seen him since, avan comes and goes every few months, and punker is on a lot still. The rest, havent seen in years.
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