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Alternate RA2 Sidebar and Loading Screen


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It seems we don't have a section for in-game GUI (which we really should do IMO  :ranting:) I'll post this here.


Here's a sidebar I made for an old mod a long time ago, it's not being used anywhere and it's just collecting dust so I figure I may aswell release it.


Special Thanks to Hyper for the Star on the radar screen, loading screen and pause screen.


I'm not bothered what you do with it so long as I am given proper credit.

Also, I will not be editing this sidebar again as I don't have the PSD for it anymore.

Also note that these were made for a Total Conversion project originally, so their style differs greatly from that of RA2 material.










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You know, I never thought about it but I should really consider doing some generals GUI. At least they don't have the limited palette problem like TD, RA, TS and RA2. I'd consider an engine shift for that reason alone. :P

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