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Using players names


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When we log into lobby on Tiberian Sun we are greeted with the admin post,

In that post it states we cannot use other players names.

At the moment i have imposter & Kenshiro both making copy's of my username.

Am i right to think cnc are writing that rule but its ok for us to break it.

I wouldn't mind them using my name but they are abusing other players who are thinking its me doing it.

I would like this resolved if possible as its getting a bit silly and these guys are both adults,

I can deal with all the crap that page me talking about my kids or my wife but what they say to others while

pretending to be me is getting very out of order i a sick way. Thank you


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Come on FunkyFr3sh i was having a bad day,

When i had the chance to ban 2 players who were making copy's of my name i didn't

At least give me the benefit and unban me please.

I promise not to share no more links to xwis or tiberian sun download in my dropbox,

To be totally honest i didn't know sharing that link was against the rules and that's the truth.

Whatever you decide thanks for reading. Peter

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