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  1. I played this game many years and i never played to improve, I have seen some great players but to say who is the best would be wrong, I say this because there best was never constant and they could be beaten. Many through time have forgot this game is just fun, When i log in these days its normally to abuse in the lobby via pm, But i just ignore it now as i'm all about tomorrow i leave them in yesterday. For me personally one player who has really come a long way and shows great improvement is Tomott12/LarryCricket but that's someone i watch play a lot. Most will have there own name to add but even those names will lose.
  2. And just when you thought you had seen it all :devil: Reminds me of when i started dating back in 1997
  3. Clans would certainly bring back lots of players as we all miss team games, These days you put yourself with mates and its stacking teams even though the other team have a good selection but when it was clans nobody worried about names so long as they had the clan tag showing, But i do feel its important CnC don't make the same mistake Xwis did and let people be in 10 different clans as all they did there was push different top clans each month. Cnc have done well keeping up with the change over from windows 7 to 10 and although there can be more improvements which i won't go into as i don't want to turn this into a debate, You lot have done really well to keep tiberian sun afloat and we are trying to bring in more members using Facebook but the same questions keep popping up Clans & Ladders.
  4. sas clan? can we make clans now?
  5. Here you go please can you post the screen shot you said you would take here on cnc I have a very strong feeling you won't be posting a screen shot
  6. nodrescue


    Would be the topping on a cake to have clans on CnC, Was fun having clan games because and would make Tiberian Sun complete
  7. I have asked this player several times to stop using my name, i have even told him to read the CnC rules in lobby. He has no respect for CnC rules and states you won't do anything about it. I am hoping you will stop this please as its getting to much, Look at his other names he even has my real name as a game name. Please admin put a stop to this, i am doing it the correct way and reporting it here instead to target him.
  8. Using my name is not the main issue, playing like the super noob he is and abusing other players while pretending to be me is. In the old days players registered there names and they couldn't be copied...
  9. I'm not here to get popular i'm here to play a game. i just feel other players should follow the rules set by CnC
  10. This is still going on, please let us know if its ok to log in as anyone now so we can all do it. i will ignore the silly reply's on this post as i won't be pulled into silly kid games on a forum.
  11. I have politely sent a message asking him to stop doing it, He just laughs and says CnC don't care.
  12. Come on FunkyFr3sh i was having a bad day, When i had the chance to ban 2 players who were making copy's of my name i didn't At least give me the benefit and unban me please. I promise not to share no more links to xwis or tiberian sun download in my dropbox, To be totally honest i didn't know sharing that link was against the rules and that's the truth. Whatever you decide thanks for reading. Peter
  13. Funny how i got banned from cnc tiberian sun for sharing a link to xwis and not one warning and still no reply from funky, But that's fine i shouldn't expect anything less than that.
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