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[incomplete from 2007] YR Soviets Handbook


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Hi, before my good mate EvlKn1Ght  got to writing The "Toe Handbook" on Xwis, i Started the  "Soviets Handbook" project, unfortunately it was never completed, but there was a lot of good information for newere-intermediate players looking to get good. so i will copy and paste a few different of the Scattered parts into this one topic here, and maybe it can help somebody,  i can not copy and paste the OLD ss' sadly, so this will be nothing but text, Enjoy.. and don't be afraid to ask questions, i can try to answer them, plus there are some other pr0's on this website who im sure would love to chime in, and again... Enjoy. (i was 16 when i wrote this so dont hate!)


Edit: in hindsight a lot of things can be added to this, maybe in the future i'll add some stuff, but there really is some useful information buried in here lol.




This is economy for the inetermediate-advanced players.

Ask yourself this, Do you sell your mcv on bloode feud,dune patrol, or basically when your rushing? If you dont sell your mcv on these maps or in these situations do you run out of money?

If you answered



Keep Reading



Here are some things That an advanced player should have no problem doing ;)



Riding zero


We've all heard it, Its one of the most basic things you learn. Although you've learned it i bet it still happens to you. i.e. on country swing i bet you run out of money at one point

You know you hit zero for those few seconds Dont deny it...But hitting zero obviously means your doing something wrong...You use the best bos and still hit zero? Well i hate to tell you but Bo's arent everything. Heres some stuff that will help your economy and maybe...You wont hit zero for those few seconds ;)


Holding buildings

Every1 who is good knows this. But putting your building on hold to keep your tanks going isnt a bad thing at all, infact...it was probly part of the game. On blood feud/dune patrol i never get below 1k i go the usual one miner from warfac..or if i had to i could not run out of money(not staying above 1k of course) by going no miners..This has alot to do with it. Holding a building at 1500 is a good choice. Thats a good steady pase to try until you get the jist of how it works. But if need be u might even have to cancel a building (not reccomended at all) but try not to have to do this.


Miner control

You hear miner control all the time, again one of the most basica rules...and again as one of the most basic rules it also has a complicated side. Miner control goes into more then just mining the closest ore...in some instances i use miner control to ore specific ore to make room for my buildings ;). knowing how miners work is essential to playing. If you see a miner Half full of ore and your running out of money bring it back and dump it(obviously) but sometimes this might not be the case. Riding zero is bad, but try not to get to the point were u need to ride zero..Dont always bring your miners in half loaded if you know its still not going to be enough to buy what you have building...It takes less time to let it mine then it does to bring it back. Again most of the time this is not the case...however sometimes it might. Manually dumping in the ore refinery brings you to the closest ore...Sometimes the closest ore isnt the closest ore(i.e. your refinery is close to a cliff, And u manually dump ore, your mienr is goign to the ore thats closest to the ref from the cliff....not the ore closes to the refinery so it will pass up some ore to get to the ore thats "closest" to the refinery). So i prefer actually clicking the ore. Having a warminer out of warfac it stops...then goes. If you waypoint it to close ore, you can prevent this. Just click on the miner and tell it to mine and you will bypass the "stopping" stage.


Placing refineries

Easy, Just try to place the refinery with the entrance facing the ore

Simple things

List of simple things to do that are obvious but people overlook

-Make engineers before dogs when engi eat is off. When agreed to no engi eat making engineers first ensures having derricks for more time

-When a miner is droned...Build a service depot instead of killing it.

-Make sure your units are not in the way of your buildings...This always happens to the best of us and may take a second or 2 away from making a ref which you might need.

-All i can think of right now :(


Mining ore

If it isnt too much trouble, Mine the ore next the erm...Ore thingy(wtf is it called?)..Ore here regenerates faster which will inter give you more ore in the long run =]


The test

With all this in mind...Try building one miner on dune patrol/Blood feud and WITHOUT SELLING MCV stay above 1k the whole time not to mention have a sentry ready :P


If you can do that...The you have economy handled...ill update as much as i can as theres always new things to find out about economy....The most important part of the game





Techniques that will give you an edge over your opponent



This is where you divide your tanks into 2 or more groups..this technique is very good and usually happens when u split 3 tanks off from your group to attack your opponents or base....Very simple, yet useful technique








This is one of the most overlooked techniques in the game...There are really 3 Things you can do to improve miner control :)

1. Make your miner ore close ore...usually your miner goes far away and that takes more time, the closer you miner ore...the faster you get money.

2.When you see your miner is almost full and you need money dont be afraid to tell it to go dump in the refinery(this automatically tells it to get close ore as well)

3.Waypoint your miner from warfac to closest ore so it doesnt stop..this saves you one second...a second that could make or break the game.



This is something very bad lol and i hope you neveer use..but none the less i want you to know what it is to see if you have been jipped out of a game or not...alting is when u hold alt and go on a persons warfac or refinery...when you shoot there tanks this will also do damage to the building...NVR USE ALT



Sell Mcv

This technique is probly one of the more popular used ones and usually only is done while rushing or near the end of a game..Selling your mcv will give you 1500 so if rushing, a cash boost to keep your tanks coming out, or if late in game...That extra little cash needed in a desperate situation


Flak Trak Fodder

Put units in a flak trak and send flak trak infront of your tanks in battle and when its destroyed your units will come out and be great fodder. This is probly one of the simplest techniques that can be done..alot of people usually do this with desolators...But a good idea is to use this with 5 tesla troopers, it really varies on the map,situation, Plus economy


Deso Apoc push

With the ability to shoot air,Fierce armor, and strong attack, Apocs are still not one of the most feared tanks in the game..Why? Because a group of mirage tanks will slaughter apocalypse tanks...Thats where the desos come in, deploying desos will hurt any other tank but the apocs. apocs dont get hurt that much and apocs also regenerate..Great strategy though barely ever used






"The Sacrficice"


This is a weird little tactic.

Get radar quickly and make around 3 desos then put those desos in flak trak, start pumping tanks...as quickly as you can send everything u have to your opponents conyard. Deploy your desos next to his conyard so he will back up and attack("sacrifice") your tanks to kill his con. This is probly a technique used vs allied but can be used vs. sovs as well....Imo this is my favorite technique





Hardcore Rush


THis mostly meant on small maps or sell mcv maps basically.

as soon as you get your first warfac make one flak trak and sell mcv put your fodder in flak trak..mass tanks and pump out consripts then go all out


Economy shutdown(Iraq only)(vs yuri only)

Use desolators to kill yuris slaves so the yuri will not have a good economy. mostly used on small maps such as Blood feud or Dune patrol




Ic Camp/rush(Prefferably iraq)


This is probly the best known strategy to defeat yuri to this day As well as a great strategy to use Vs a fellow sov player. Camp very hard until you get iron curtain..lol the rest probly explains itself ;)


Fast Kirov

lol a neat little trick. Have a kirov building in your warfactory and just about when its done click hold. Then find a way to engi your opponents warfactory and set that warfac to primary, resume your kirov and haha kirov in your opponents base HAHA



click on the building you want to waypoint (rax or warfac) and select spot you want to go to. The unit that comes out of there will go directly to this spot.

Again this is one of those newbish things that every1 should know but newer people probly dont know thats the best way to scout


Deso Bomb

Probly one of the most known techniques. put desos in a flak and send into opponents army of tank..as soon as tanks are destroyed deploy deso


Ultimate sentry

Strictly for qm or cm with superweapons on. Force shield Your sentry gun that you put down as fodder :). This is one of the simplest Yet greatest tactics ever. Talk about sentry gun fodder


Map building orders


Dune Patrol


Over Veiw:

Dune patrol is a small map meant for small quick battles. Just because it is a small map does not mean the battles wont be intense. this map tests your tc as well as your micro.

Great 1v1 battles are held here and is a good choice if u dont have that much time to play ;)


Building Orders:

1warfac rush:


Deploy, PP, Rax(3 dogs) refinery, Warfac (1 flak straight tanks) Sell Mcv, put men in flak and attack.


This Rush is usually meant for facing the allied team as its very innefective vs Soviet players. Use flak in front as fodder for your tanks and kill his base/tanks This rush isnt really a good choice..but theres always a time and place for everything


1warfac rush(2):


Deploy, PP, Rax(3 dogs) Refinery Warfac (drone Miner drone/tanks) Refinery(sell old one) Sell mcv


This rush is intended to keep a constant cash flow for alot of money used for Fodder as well as tanks. Make alot of dogs in this rush and use tanks+fodder to attack your enemy, as i said b4 tc usually decides the victor of this map.


1warfac rush(iraq Only): (rumored to be created by avery)


Deploy, PP, Rax(3 dogs) Refienry Warfac (drone Miner drone/tanks) Refinery(sell old one) Radar, Sell mcv


This rush is The same as the 1warfac rush(2) but instead of money for fodder, You are able to get desolators which helps greatly if they decide to mass fodder. This rush Has become the standard rush of all the good players so You can tell that it is a great decision to use


1warfac rush(libya only):


Deploy, PP, Rax(3 dogs) Refienry Warfac (drone 2 tanks demo truck tanks) Refinery(sell old one) Radar, Sell mcv


This rush Has been used a certain amount of times. although it is an intersting rush it usually backfires. this rush is meant to keep your opponent busy while u sneak a demo truck around and kill his warfac/ref which leaves him defensless, one drone can take care of the demo truck though...so be careful


2fac rush: (created by adam a.k.a. initi8)


Deploy, PP, Rax(3 dogs) Refienry Warfac (drone Miner Miner Drone tanks)Warfac, Sell mcv


This rush although overlooked for its 2 miners out of warfac is actually a great rush. used by me personally in my 2 months of one mapping dune patrol this bo has been very overlooked. with the edition of 2 warfacs you will have more tanks then your opponent which will intern, make u outtank them..but the only cost is that you wont have enough money to mass fodder and usually your ooponent will have desos so your tc must be good in order to win...This is one of my personal favorites :)


Build up:

Deploy, PP, Rax(3 dogs) Refienry Warfac (drone Miner drone/tanks) Refinery refinery refinery warfac,(rest is up to u whether to make another warfac or ref or radar is up to you and your playing style)


This bo is actually in a sense very good if you have miner control. Some1 with good miner control will only run out of money for a short amount of time. and as most people stay back until they get 3 tanks or so You will have an advantage over rushers as to a sentry gun :) If you have really good miner control then i say go for this bo :) if not stick to rushing ;)

1fac rush(cuba):

Deploy, PP, Rax(3 dogs) Refienry Warfac (drone miner drone tanks) Refinery(sell old one) Radar, Sell mcv


lol same as libya rush only split ur terroists to top side of map and have ur tanks on bottom if it hits it should be able to kill ref or warfac ^^ maybe even power :P

Connie rush

Deploy, PP, Rax(3 dogs,mass connies) Refienry Warfac (tanks) Sell mcv


This is an interesting little rush where you mass conscripts as fodder and then go with tanks (preferably 2) and attack although an early radar would stop this...you should attack b4 he gets radar :)

Tips and Strategies:

There really arent any strategies for this map except for a certain few

-Watch out for stranded miners sometimes miners mining in the middle ore will go to your oponents ore field...watch out

-Hit and run. If your opponent has his miner out far were his tanks arent guarding it.. hit it and run this will frustrate your opponent

-ss tactic.. This will **** people off the most lol right before you attack if you seea tank of theres far off ask them for an ss and attack there tank usually theyll be to busy typing or somethign to see it, sometimes not but meh worth a try lol

*new tactic

Improve your economy by waypointing your warfactory to the nearest ore at the start of the game. This stops the miner pausing for half a second outside the warfactory after the miner is built. this tactic is very dear in terms of using the build up bo as it gives u a second over ur opponent ;)

*another edited tactic, WALKING ENGI

lol this is a cheap tactic but it works some of the time. build an engineer at the beginning of the game and walk it on the side ot your ooponents base make sure he doenst have a sentry and you protect you engi with dogs WARNING if you win with this tactic you will get flamed hard.



Dry heat ;)




Well most of the Bo's cant realy be explained to there full extent until there can be ss'. so until i have alot of time on my hands ill explain to the best of my ability :)

This map is very good map with gems and 4 derricks. Great overall map using every skill a player has. Alot of people overlook the little things in this map so ill cover all of them :) every skill a person has is used on this map so in essence although it seems like a simple map..its very complicated :)





3fac rush: (created by adam a.k.a. initi8)


Deploy, power, barracks(2 engis 3 dogs)(make sure u build up toward the gems so your refinery is closest to gems as possible) Ref.(tel your mienr to mine gems)

Warfac(drone miner.miner. tanks) Warfac, Warfac sell mcvv


In 1v1 this building order isnt the best but ill give it a 7/10. it will work on most noobs and the advantage of 3warfacs is great but the other side can camp easily and will out warfac and outtank you pretty soon, so as soon as u outtank them u should have enough money to mass fodder. so mass fodder and harrass his miners, plus base, use splits and all, just make sure he wastes money on sentries so hell end up running out money for tanks,...once u run out of that little ore patch on top left ur pretty much screwed so erm...use it wisely :)

In 2v2 i give this bo a whole nother reveiw. just tone down 2 engis to 1 and get the back derrick,(if possible get bottom) doing this will be a great help. not only will u have 3warfacs earl,y but u will only have one miner on gems wich will give your ally alot of gems to use. this bo will work on one derrick but you cant make a sentry :( imo it is one of the best 2v2 bos out there

Non gems users:(strictly 2v2 bo)

This is a bo created by Matt (iraqctrl)

Build down to the derrick on the bottom left this will give your dogs an advantage to your oppents so you should get the derrick. now u should be able to get the derrick in back of u as well as your not going to use any gems ;) go Deploy,PP,Rax ref war ref ref radar power ref.


Never make 2 warfacs as it will cut your economy. always stay one warfac and camp as hard as possible :).u arent using gems so if possible build a ref down by ur bottom right derrick if u get it, it will let you build out to the entrance to spot 4s base which will give u super camping abilities

1v1 non sell mcv bo:


Build toward top gems Deploy,PP,Rax(2 engis 3 dogs)Ref(send miner to gems),Warfac(drone tanks)(use tank to kill ore by top left derrick to make enough room for a refinery..Same for bottom),Ref(by top ore derrick),Ref(by bottom derrrick) Warfac(build of ref on bottom derrick),Refinery)off of bottom warfac so you get ore in the canyon between spot 1and4) Do what ever you like from here ^^


Well, What can i say? this bo is probly best 1v1 out there but of course spot one is the worst spot on the map. alot of ppl play this spot defensive becasue of lack of money...THATS WRONG. You have to play offensively(not keep attacking) but keep moving your tanks and opponent guessing...splitting and everything...Alot of ppl will attack you early because you have to kill ore...DONT LET IT HAPPEN if need be make 2 or3 drones it doesnt matter, after you kill the ore go on the offensive, youll probly have less tanks but it doesnt matter keep your opponent guessing(small splits?) idk how many times ill have to say it as soon as you go on the defensive you lose from one simple fact...hell be able to split and have same amount of tanks as you, Not to mention the fact that spot 3 controls the map, as hes attack ur miners.....GL if you have this spot ^^




-Engis Before dogs. Alot of players overlook this. Even the greatest of players. If you agree on no engi eat make your engineers first. This will give you more money and for this spot you need all the money you can get. Only do it if you agree on no engi eat...if you do it when engi eat is on...You should be ashamed of yourself

-Miner control. Make sure your miner goes to the gems and not ore! gems>ore

-Believe in urself. Spot 1 sucks Good Luck =/


Soviet's F.A.Q.




This is a question alot of people ask, What can i do against allied?

Well here are a few things That will be able to help you against allied :)

Although i wont go into anything specific ill go through what can be used on a variety of maps.


Deso Apoc push


Although not really used today, infact i never see an apocalypse tank get built vs an allied team...this is one of the most deadliest things a soviet can do to allied. people always say allied are overpowered when teched.....this will slaughter them lol(in yr battlefortress might be a problem :S but in ra2 it'll win u the game )

Tech up of course then start pumping out apocalypse tanks and desos. Have desos walk with your apocs to your opponents base....apocs can shoot air and they heal so rockies wont do anything, and when your opponent gets a tank to attack your apocs, then deploy your desos in the middle of your apocs...apocs dont get hurt that much but it should hurt or kill your opponents tanks :)


"The Sacrficice"


This is a weird little tactic that i have beaten many great allied players with :)

Get radar quickly and make around 3 desos then put those desos in flak trak, start pumping tanks...as soon as your ooponent gets afc or as quickly as you can, send everything u have to your opponents conyard. Deploy your desos next to his conyard so he will back up and scarifice your tanks to kill his con. This strategy is very good because your oponent cant get battle lab. but if your ooponent has battlelab already i suggest doing the same thing once again to kill his barracks(battle lab will probably be well guarded) :) then the game should be all yours ;)


Hardcore Rush


THis is mostly meant to be used on small maps or sell mcv maps. basically

as soon as you get your first warfac make one flak trak and sell mcv put your fodder in flak trak..mass tanks and pump out consripts then go all out


Vs Yuri


LOL this question is probly the most popular question lol What to do vs yuri..well here are some pointers...as theres not very many :S


Economy shutdown(Iraq only)

Use desolators to kill yuris slaves so the yuri will not have a good economy :) mostly used on small maps such as Blood feud or Dune patrol :)


Ic Camp/rush(Prefferably iraq)


This is probly the best known strategy to defeat yuri to this day. Camp as hard as possible..and i mean hard. make sure the yuri cant attack you, Get iron curtain as fast you can without Ruining your economy.




If it is a very small map such as dune patrol(how many times will this map be used as an example?) Rush your heart out..thats all there is to be said lol


Seige Choppers Are great to have!

Just saying



Here i will describe some of the most common..and hardest situations as soviet player will encounter and i will, to the best of my knowledge, Help guide you through the situation


Allied player massed mirage tanks and My radar+con is gone(or im not iraq)


LOL sucks for you, seriously lol NEVER let this happen such as protecting your radar...or in a case your not iraq use "the sacrifice" technique


Allied player is Massing battlefortress and i can only watch in horror as im going to lose :(


Well, Battle fortresses are very slow moving and take a bit to build...if you see him massing bforts i suggest you attack him straight away :) or again lol dont let this happen by using "the sacrifice" technique(great technique eh?) There is one other possibility, The use of the iron curtain. Of course use iron curtain to protect your tanks...Or even drones for that matter and kill his battle fortresses. With no iron curtain...allies mass bf=gg

My opponent engid my conyard what do i do?

Flame him and call him a noob :)


Im facing a france noob and hes massing grand canons...what do i do ?


V3,Iron Curtain


My opponent is massing mirages but he has some sniper ifvs


Get a flak track, put 5 desos in it....bring ur tanks as well as flak track and then attack mirages with tanks then bring flak trak and wait until it gets destroyed..then deploy desos...u should be able to get one deployed atleast(a.k.a. desobomb or you could call it rhino deso push)


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bump again!


i suppose this would be an intermediate+ guide.


just bumping it because i seen alot of players asking me to show them things ingame. and sadly i dont have time/motivation like that anymore (says the guy who sometimes plays hours at a time, lol.) and i honestly do think this is helpful!



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