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Banned without reason !


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Hi, I have been banned 3 days ago by FunkyFr3sh or Ferret. I have no idea, because when I entered that day, appeared the notice of the ban.


You have been banned for impersonation. You are not only taking the names of other players, you also take the names of the staff/bots and sending people messages that there are updates available and other silly things.


you have been banned for impersonation at least 10 times, so how can you say you are banned without reason? You should know it very well meanwhile

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Funny to see blaming me again for "impersonate the other players". I haven't used any name of any player. It's funny cause that always point and blame me. I recognize that use the name of the bot. Just wanted to make a little fun the damn chat. But at no time I sent a message to anyone. I apologize :D

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