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It gave me malware. Wtf?


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I downloaded CnCNet to play Red Alert 2 online and it gave me malware! I thought it was safe. :ranting: WTF.



Sorry to hear you're having some problems.  Could you post the exact error you are getting? I've also modified your topic title to be less capslock.  :down:


You can read here on common misconceptions of how some anti-virus software will give you false warnings. https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=4415.msg40547#msg40547


You can also do a virus total scan to check for yourself, https://virustotal.com/en/ everything checks out.


By chance, are you using Norton?

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No, you didn't got a 'virus' you got a shitty 'virus scanner' telling you that something is a virus which is false positive. Use a relevant malware scanner like Malwarebytes so you don't have such issues, though paid version is the only one that does 'live protection' while free is just for scanning.

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