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Buy it on EA's website. That CD case only contains a digital code anyway.


Lol. That's crazy! Do game cases nowadays only contain codes?


I mean, it's a good thing if that's the case. I haven't used a single CD or DVD in like 4 years+ and I don't even have a CD/DVD drive that I can use, I'd have to go pick up and set up one that I have stored in the basement.  XD



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For C&C, only Uprising and TUC have codes. The rest comes on actuals discs - of course there hasn't be a main C&C game in the last six years anyway. There's still a good reason to buy these discs, though, as they are often cheaper than digital versions.


Discs that only contain codes or Steam installers aren't a rarity, and a pain for people with slow Internet. Of course games where the devs where to lazy to do any proper compression are also a pain, disc or download (I'm looking at you, Wolfenstein: The New Order).

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