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Cheating in single player


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Hi all


I am just wondering is there a trainer that I can use to cheat in a skirmish against the AI as I used to be able to do it before I installed CNCNet but not anymore as its been upgraded and the trainer I was using was for v1.001.


I can completely understand about using it online as that would be really unfair and wrong which I don't do any online gaming anyway so it doesn't bother me.


if anyone can help that would be great.





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Don't use cheats. Play the game as it's supposed to be played and you will undoubtedly become a better player and be able to have much more fun online as well.


Believe it or not, but you can build huge armies in just 5 minutes in skirmish as well as online without the use of any cheat.


CnCNet doesn't support the use of cheating tools, not even offline. You have to know that every trainer out there, at least every trainer I know, contains malware which can harm your privacy as well as the files on your computer and could considerably slow down your PCs performance. Generally stuff that you don't want to run on your machine.



Note that this is coming from a former trainer developer. If you still want to use trainers, then feel free to do what Nyerguds said. Copy a RA2/YR installation without CnCNet installed to another location.


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