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An Error I think?


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CncNet only supports YR. I never really understood why the homepage of CnC even states RA2 when you click RA2 it goes to YR. That's confusing and not user friendly. Instead the YR page should just state in their features 'Supports original RA2 mode" (which is RA2 under the YR engine), and RA2 should not even be listed since its unsupported.


Anyway, to answer the question. You need to have RA2 and YR original installed on your PC and than download YR's client from CnCnet to play. There's no RA2 only here.

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What I mean by Error? Is when I go to download RA2 it just downloads YR. Is that supposed to happen am I missing something?



The YR download incorporates an RA2 mode within the client. When you host a game, you can check the option in the left options where game speed is etc, to enable Red Alert 2 mode.



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