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Cancelled C&C TC for Duke NUkem 3D


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There's a RA2 allied logo in the screenshots.

I quoted your post.




TBH, I did not download the 8MB package, only took a brief look at the levels that were bundled separately (cctcfull.zip), there are a few Soviet-era Russian propaganda posters on the walls in some levels, but one level also offered a glimpse at a TD-styled Refinery.

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So how did you arrive at the conclusion that it was going to be "mixed tech and story stuff", only from a few screenshots and my account of a level that still has Predator Troopers, Pig Cops and Enforcers as enemies? :huh:


[Edit] Oh, and here's a Duke3D to RA mod/TC:




Judging by the readme, this one is aimed at creating a multiplay experience comparable to Renegade.

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