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TS TSpatch Windows 10 + rules.ini/frstrm.ini


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just wanted to play TS again with my mods, but with Windows 10 I was "forced" to install the TSpatch to get it run probably. Now it runs like a charm, but my mods don't take any affect anymore.


How do I get the rules.ini in single player + mission back working?


Thanks in advance, aesis

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That bug is not related to TSpatch, but I don't really know what could be causing it. Maybe it's a problem related to admin rights. Do you have the game installed in the program files folder? There is compatibility mode that reads/writes files from a different folder if you don't have admin rights and run old programs from within the program files folder

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No it's actually located on an external drive. If I don't have the patch installed my mods work but I've got several bugs under Windows 10. Therefore I need to install the TSpatch and the game runs fine but doesn't load my modified rules.ini etc.

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