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How to uninstall CnCnet 3?



Hello, I am trying to play the recent Mental Omega 3.3 release and the instructions told me to have a clean copy of Yuri's Revenge to install the mod. However, I obtained my copy of YR during the Origin On the House event, and it seems I can't download the game again, probably due to a recent update.


Is there some way I can uninstall CnCnet 3 (or 4, I can't really remember the version, it's before the current version) manually? If so, could someone provide me a list of files to uninstall?

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Just to make things confusing, there is the Yuri's Revenge 3.0 client. So you need to be specific about what version of something you are talking about.


If Yuri's Revenge, just overwrite the contents from MO mod into the same directory, it should work.




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