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Random spot positions on cncnet





I can't seem to find a previous topic about this, which is surprising considering how many people complain about this.


How are the spots on cncnet decided when all players have their start position as random?  Is it actual random for all spots (as in an RNG)?


The reason I ask is because cncnet (perhaps sods law) always seems to pick the "wrong" spots when for example playing 1v1 on a 4 player map, or a 2v2 on a 6 (or 8 ) player map.  For example, on dry heat spot always seems to work out as spot 1 vs spot 2. Or on HFO the other day in a 2v2, the spots were team A 1 & 5, team B 2 & 4.


I get the impression that whatever logic is in play is not the same as WOL/XWIS etc.  Would it be possible to add some spot logic in?


For example on 2v2 maps, something like... pick a spot for player 1 at random, then whatever spot that is make sure it's always two spots away for player 2 (so spot 1 & 3, 2 & 4).  Or in other words...


$mapSize = 4;

$offset = floor($mapSize / 2);


$player1 = int(ceil(rand($mapSize)));

$player2 = ($player1 + $offset) % $mapSize;

if ( 0 == $player2 ){ $player2 = $mapSize};


(not perfect but you get the idea)


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What if spots placed randomly on the map? The distance between players should be counted anyway.

I'm not sure but it seems the original game counts distances from the center of the map to every start position and then picks the group of 2 closest numbers (for 2 players on any map).

All coordinates availavle from map file.


And if i remember correctly, for team games, players in same team were placed closely to each other. So in-team distances were counted too.

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