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  1. I've tried to address this - as the individual in question has been banned before. As you've stated the answer is not always easy... Please message a moderator (like me) if we're online and we'll see what we can do. Like always, to be impartial, we will require proof before taking action.
  2. Even though I'm a moderator... this is more my unofficial take on some of the suggestions here: 1) Grant's talked about this before - https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8894-ladder-suggestions-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=69128 If you link QM logons with the lobby then a lot of the technical challenges for the below get easier. 2) I think this is a lesser priority. I think custom game bugs that already exist should be dealt with first... if you play a tournement game with observers and you get the "colour bug" or the "internal on one map until you change it" bug, then that'll just cause annoyance. Fix the building blocks of what you've already got before adding new things to the stack. 3) 7) It's a nice idea. I believe the Chinese ra2ol is developing a version of this... interesting to see what that looks like and if it's open source. EDIT: just seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLSHhw8VpNE&t=11s 4) For: " Also the win % statistic is messed up and not real due to DC wins/losses. " I had a look at this. It's a pretty simple fix, it just involves joining an extra table into the query. The problem is, what would the performance impact of this change be? (I don't have a way of testing) The ladder feels sluggish to me as it is. Is it that important that you'd be willing to wait a couple of extra seconds for the page to load? 5) You mean like the custom community patch? Seems to divide the community's opinion... if a consensus could be achieved... 6) Do you mean RA2 mode QM? Or original RA2 QM? The former sounds kind of realistic... for the latter considiering the amount of work required... I'd probably point you towards XWIS. 8} Did you know you can disable player joining/leaving messages in the client? It's an option under the CnCNet tab. I guess you could argue to make this the default setting.
  3. Hi Matt, dkeeton asked you for your qm log file. With that he can probably figure out what went wrong... And maybe come up with a fix. You can find the file in your local appdata folder. If in doubt just search your pc for "qm-log". Agreed the custom game bugs are annoying... But ultimately people do stuff on here on a volunteer basis.
  4. I think the amount of people that read this forum regularly is limited. In Zain's case he pretty much chased people down to play in his tourney. I could be wrong though ^.
  5. Go to custom game. Then create a game with a password, tell your friend the password and have him join. Hopefully you should be able to figure it out from there!
  6. As you've said, It's optional so no harm done - just don't choose that option if you don't like it?
  7. How would a whitelist for maps work? There's a lot of maps out there
  8. Don't think so based on https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9050-how-to-make-a-clan-ladder/
  9. Chandler

    Update Crash

    Happens to me sometimes. I just remove it completely and reinstall.
  10. I think everyone appreciates (read: knows) that Zhasulan's videos are a warped version of reality. He does however present options on how top players can falter on the (perhaps rare) occasion. These videos make him feel better about himself so I take this sort of thing with a pinch of salt. I think other players do the same.
  11. The topic was last active 3 years ago, but no. Each engineer will cause damage to the building, until the health is low enough then it will capture it. Bit like the original ra.
  12. For reference, a "Remembering ZiGZaG" page has now been created and is linked off the main cncnet homepage. https://cncnet.org/community/zigzag Many thanks to all those who contributed the messages, and in particular Grant who spent the time putting this together.
  13. On the tribute front I've found these video page links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwzFOPD1u90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzv2MRWvHUA https://www.twitch.tv/videos/112191943 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT9Dgi2YIBw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MZQIqkxNhpZ6x3hgUpLig Getting quotes is kinda tough. Although this did amuse me: Jason, 5:42 PM Faith in chandler? Some would call that misplaced:p
  14. Wasn't too sure what to say when I found out but yeah... The things I remember about Jason mostly is probably the banter. The amount of times he mocked me for being English and similarly me mocking him for being Scottish - good times! If you think about it... like many of the people here I've played a scary amount of games with him, certainly in the hundreds and god knows how much playing time that works out as. He was always very competitive and we'd often ruin each other's chances of getting a decent rank on the ladder. Not to mention all the time he was an XWIS admin and a CNCnet staff member for a very long time, keeping this game going one way or another (maybe someone who has been around a bit longer in the admin scene can answer that one ( @Grant? )). Someone mentioned doing something to remember him on Discord. A tournament was suggested, but those haven't worked out so well recently... so maybe just pick a Scottish themed qm name for next month (open to ideas). Regardless, condolences for his family.
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