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  1. Chandler

    Clan ladder

    Don't think so based on https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9050-how-to-make-a-clan-ladder/
  2. Chandler

    Update Crash

    Happens to me sometimes. I just remove it completely and reinstall.
  3. Chandler

    Zhasulan vs max (Ali)

    I think everyone appreciates (read: knows) that Zhasulan's videos are a warped version of reality. He does however present options on how top players can falter on the (perhaps rare) occasion. These videos make him feel better about himself so I take this sort of thing with a pinch of salt. I think other players do the same.
  4. Chandler

    Will there be a QM ra2 mode ?

    The reasons for why ra2 (itself) is difficult to port over to cncnet have been discussed before. I don't think adding massive development tasks to pretty much two people who help out in their spare time whilst there is so much other work to do (bug fixes, ladder updates, general support, maintenance etc) is particularly practical or fair - also considering how much effort they've put in already. If someone from the ra2 community would be willing to put in the dev time, then by all means...
  5. The topic was last active 3 years ago, but no. Each engineer will cause damage to the building, until the health is low enough then it will capture it. Bit like the original ra.
  6. Chandler


    For reference, a "Remembering ZiGZaG" page has now been created and is linked off the main cncnet homepage. https://cncnet.org/community/zigzag Many thanks to all those who contributed the messages, and in particular Grant who spent the time putting this together.
  7. Chandler


    On the tribute front I've found these video page links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwzFOPD1u90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzv2MRWvHUA https://www.twitch.tv/videos/112191943 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT9Dgi2YIBw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MZQIqkxNhpZ6x3hgUpLig Getting quotes is kinda tough. Although this did amuse me: Jason, 5:42 PM Faith in chandler? Some would call that misplaced:p
  8. Chandler


    Wasn't too sure what to say when I found out but yeah... The things I remember about Jason mostly is probably the banter. The amount of times he mocked me for being English and similarly me mocking him for being Scottish - good times! If you think about it... like many of the people here I've played a scary amount of games with him, certainly in the hundreds and god knows how much playing time that works out as. He was always very competitive and we'd often ruin each other's chances of getting a decent rank on the ladder. Not to mention all the time he was an XWIS admin and a CNCnet staff member for a very long time, keeping this game going one way or another (maybe someone who has been around a bit longer in the admin scene can answer that one ( @Grant? )). Someone mentioned doing something to remember him on Discord. A tournament was suggested, but those haven't worked out so well recently... so maybe just pick a Scottish themed qm name for next month (open to ideas). Regardless, condolences for his family.
  9. Chandler


    A message from Jason's brother on skype: Hi chandler, it is zigzags brother here the one that ws playing on the nick OGKUSH , i wasnt sure who i should message but unfortunately Jason/Jonathan has passed away he was involved in a car accident where some absolute arsehole in a stolen car has caused him to lose his life... RA2 and YR were a huge huge part of his life could you tell the community and the people who he knew online? im not overly sure on what forum he was active on or whathe did after xwis but my email address is if there was any tribute or anything or anything wrote could you email me, thanks very much, callum
  10. Chandler

    Known issues - tracker

    Since the latest patch (version 4) you can no longer select half of the drop down options in the lobby, unless you're the host or the 2nd person to join it seems. So if I'm the 5th person in the game, I can't select my team to be Libya downwards. If it's a map with 6 positions I can't pick spots 5 or 6. I'm not the only person with this "feature" right now. Please fix :). @Rampastring @Grant
  11. Chandler

    Comparing Anti air units

    If a flak "thing" is close to a target (so right underneath it in this kirov example), it will do more damage compared to if it's some distance away.
  12. Chandler

    The "Who is...." topic.

  13. Chandler

    Comparing Anti air units

    Interesting. Although it's worth mentioning the distance of the flaks makes them worse etc
  14. Chandler

    The "Who is...." topic.

    Think it's tej. That or Peter Parker.